Q. How long should I wait to get pregnant after C-section?

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Hi doctor,

I had a C-section eight years ago with my son and a C-section seven months back with my daughter. I am interested in having another child and wanted to plan on coming off of birth control till mid of this year. My doctor said that, in general, they prefer women to have two years between deliveries. My question is, when will my uterus get completely healed and ready to handle the pressure of another pregnancy? If I get pregnant sooner than later, I would be a few months less of the two-year mark.

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Dr. Eeshani Dutta
Obstetrics And Gynaecology


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Generally, by book, it needs 18 months for your uterus to heal from the previous cesarean cut, but healing is regulated by many factors like intrinsic tissue quality, general nutritional status of the lady, the healing power of the body, diabetes, postoperative convalescence, sepsis, the presence of protein diet, etc.

Since you had another C-section, did the doctor mention the difficulty of the cesarean section at that time? Did your first and second cesarean go well or was associated with greater care than general? Since the healing is dependent on a lot of things, and also the uterus can never come back to its original strength due to two scars on the body, so the two-year safety mark. So, if you wish to take the pregnancy sooner, you should be compliant in visiting a doctor in a tertiary care center, with an emergency OT and blood bank facility.

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