Conception And Pregnancy

Conception is the process where sperm moves up through the vagina and uterus and fertilizes an egg in the fallopian tube. The time from conception to childbirth is called pregnancy. Pregnancy usually lasts for 40 weeks.

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How can submucosal fibroid during pregnancy be treated?

Query: Hi doctor, My wife is 23 weeks pregnant. She has been diagnosed with an 8 cm submucosal fibroid. She is in agony everyday with pain. I know more likely she will need a C-section eventually for safer delivery. But should I do a CA-125 test for peace of mind to rule out ovarian cancer. And after deli...  Read Full »

Dr. Deepali Raina

Obstetrician And Gynaecologist

Answer: Hi, Welcome to 1. CA125 is not relevant in pregnancy and it does not help in the management of a sub mucous fibroid. 2. After delivery the fibroid can be removed at the time of C-section by an expert doctor. 3. Hysterectomy is not needed for a fibroid of this kind. 4. Yes, this ...  Read Full »

Is there any chance of getting pregnant naturally after tubectomy?

Query: Hello doctor, My age is 36 and I had tubectomy done 18 years back after second delivery cesarean like my first delivery. I do not know whether the fallopian tubes were tied, cut, clamped burnt, or banded. 1. Is there any scanning or some other method to identify the process of tubectomy done to me...  Read Full »

Dr. Ashwini Nanasaheb Talpe

Infertility Specialist, Obstetrician And Gynaecologist

Answer: Hi, Welcome to The method of tubectecomy can be identified only after opening during caeserian section or through laparocsopy. If tubal ligation is done you cannot conceive naturally, if you try there are chances of ectopic pregnancy. You can go for IVF for another baby. Course of ...  Read Full »

Will I be able to conceive naturally with PCOS?

Query: Hi doctor, I am 27 years old. I got married before 1.5 years. I have PCOS since I was young. I remember that I had various types of medication as I did not get my periods regularly in the initial stages. My mother had taken me to many doctors, including ayurveda, homeopathy and allopathy. Before 4 y...  Read Full »

Dr. Sameer Kumar

Family Physician, Obstetrician And Gynaecologist, Infertility Specialist

Answer: Hello, Welcome to It is good that you continued Ginette 35 (Cyproterone acetate and Ethinyl estradiol) till date. Your menses would have been regular after being placed on Ginette 35 till date as I presume. If you wish to conceive, then you must stop the pills after completing t...  Read Full »

My hCG value is too low. Please help.

Query: Hi doctor, My last LMP was 17th. As my periods delayed seven days, I had a pregnancy test. The beta HCG value was 355.30 mIU/mL. Why the value is too low than the normal range? Is this something to worry?  Read Full »

Dr. Megha Tuli Gupta

Obstetrician And Gynaecologist

Answer: Hi, Welcome to The human chorionic gonadotropin - HCG levels increase progressively. Actually, one value of hCG in itself is not significant. No diagnosis can be made based on one value. If you get another blood HCG test done after 48 hours and the value doubles compared to this value, ...  Read Full »

Why am I having left-sided pelvic pain?

Query: Hi doctor, For the past couple of days, I have been having left side pelvic tenderness. It does not hurt very much When I lay down or stand up, but hurts when touched, especially if pushed down or put any pressure on that area. The pain is right in the area next to my left hip bone. I do not know wh...  Read Full »

Dr. Sweta Singh

Infertility Specialist, Obstetrician And Gynaecologist

Answer: Hi, Welcome to Well, firstly I would like you to get a blood test done to rule out pregnancy. It is serum beta hCG. You must also get a vaginal ultrasound done urgently. The reason I am asking for these tests is either you could be having these symptoms because of an ectopic pregna...  Read Full »

What to do if you get pregnant while on copper-T?

Query: Hi doctor, I got pregnant with an IUD (copper-T). It was confirmed after blood test and the copper-T was removed. My last menstruation was 40 days before. Shall I continue the pregnancy? How will be the growth of the baby? Do I need any precaution? This is my second pregnancy. I delivered my first c...  Read Full »

Dr. Neha Singh Rathod

Obstetrician And Gynaecologist

Answer: Hi, Welcome to Once the copper-T is removed, then it is very safe to continue the pregnancy and you can happily go ahead with the pregnancy. There is no harm to the baby's health for sure; you can be assured about that. Baby will be quite normal. Just get your serial ultrasound done as ...  Read Full »

Can we plan for a baby during this ongoing COVID-19 pandemic?

Query: We are couple married recently. We want to plan a baby. However, due to ongoing covid-19 pandemic, can we plan it now? Is it safe?  Read Full »

Dr. Reetika Joshi

Obstetrician And Gynaecologist

Answer: Dear, good afternoon. Coronavirus dont have any known impact on people planning pregnancy. however infertility treatment can be deferred. for your family, I would advice that corona may continue for few more months as claimed by many studies, so u may have difficulty in visiting hospital for rout...  Read Full »

Can Codeine cause any problem in conception?

Query: Hello doctor, I am addicted to codeine for the past 4 years. After my marriage, my wife had conceived but that time we did not want it. So, we aborted and it has been 2 years. Now we are trying to conceive but it is not happening.  Read Full »

Dr. Ashok Kumar Choudhary

Andrologist, General Practitioner, Geriatrician, Psychiatrist, Psychologist Counsellor, Psychotherapist, Sexologist

Answer: Hi, Welcome to I read your query and understand your concerns. First of all I would like to inform you that Codeine can be stopped in gradual manner. Scientifically speaking you can go for 10% reduction of original dose every week leading to complete abstinence at the end of 2-3 mont...  Read Full »

How to calculate the date of conception?

Query: Hi doctor, I just found out that I am pregnant from the home pregnancy test kits. This may sound weird as I am not sure about the date of conception was. My last period was on the 17th of last month. I had sex on the 14th of last month and also on the 4th of this month. I have a 38 day cycle. Is th...  Read Full »

Dr. Sanjay Kumar Bhattacharyya

Obstetrician And Gynaecologist

Answer: Hi, Welcome to Yes, it is evident that you are having a long cycle. You had a full cycle by 17th of last month. Usually, an occurrence of a cycle following the sex rules out the possibility of pregnancy following that sex. So, I do not consider, sex on 14th would turn you pregnant. Thi...  Read Full »

Can yoga after sex prevent conception?

Query: Hi doctor, I am 31 years old. Last month I had periods on 10th and then we had sex on 22, 23, 25 as those were the fertile days. Also I am doing yoga from past 1 month. This my date was supposed to come before 10 as I normally get period before date. But got my periods today on 14th. Is it because ...  Read Full »

Dr. Vidyaprem

Obstetrician And Gynaecologist

Answer: Hello, Welcome to Nothing to worry. Smaller changes in cycle pattern can be hormonal. Yoga is good, it relaxes you, nothing to worry about. The cycle fecundity is 12 to 15 percent (means every trying cycle has a chance of pregnancy only 12 percent) it takes 1 year of unprotected inter...  Read Full »

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