Q. I am suffering from corneal ulcer after PRK surgery. What is the treatment?

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Hello doctor,

I have done PRK eye surgery about a month ago in both eyes. A few days later, my left eye had some weird blurred vision which turned out to be corneal ulcer that is in the center and relatively big. I got treated immediately with heavy antibiotics Ceftin or Vigamox. After two to three weeks there was some improvement in vision, redness and the loss of epithelial cells is about 1.2 mm, after which I started taking eye steroids, and vitamin C three times a day.

Unfortunately, I found out today that there is another small epithelial defect that opened under the first one (both are still very small). I have bad light sensitivity, and I would like to know if there is anything to be done now apart from waiting to get better. I have been told to be patient at least three months since the scarring is still prominent and central, although it is getting slightly better every time I see the doctor. I am currently on, antibiotic eight times a day with steroids three times and Sythnomyine twice a day. Most of the scar is in the front stroma. But central, and it has been slightly getting brighter every time.

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Dr. Souhad

Ophthalmology (Eye Care)


Welcome to icliniq.com.

Indeed a corneal ulcer requires patience, time, and continuous monitoring until it is fully healed or scar forms. Sometimes it might take up to a year and more. It is however mandatory that you add to the list of eye drops that you are using a lubricant (artificial tears) because dryness is inevitable after any refractive surgery and once you are using eye drops that contain preservatives.

You can use the lubricant every hour if you need but except the last hour before going to sleep. That is also very important if your job includes intense visual activities at the PC and or use of mobile devices. I wish you a fast recovery.

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