Q. I feel depressed always with emotional instability. Please help to overcome it.

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Hello doctor,

I am 24 years old. I do not know what is wrong with me. I feel depressed all the time. I left home two years back because of my parent's behavior. They always use to make me feel I am worthless and not important for them, they also beat me several times and I was facing emotional trauma on a daily basis. Now I stay away from family alone but seems like things will never change. I am all alone here and people I trusted have backfired on me.

My office situation is very pathetic my manager harasses me emotionally or I do not know if I overreact. I just do not know what is wrong? I do not have any friends to talk. I gave a lot of importance to one person in my life and that person did not understand me at all. I cry all day in my room and do not even step outside. I get super angry or emotional on little things. I always stay alone in the office or at home. I feel like there is nothing left for me in this life and I am worthless no one really needs me in there life. For whom am I alive. I do not know if I am depressed or not? I am just done with this life. (Just to add I am a PCOS patient for the past one year).

Dr. Seikhoo Bishnoi

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Welcome to icliniq.com.

The symptoms you have mentioned are symptoms of depression. You left home because of the behavior of your parents and then you are continuously feeling low because of ongoing things at office and at personal space. All these things are aggravating the depression in you.

The feeling of worthlessness, emotional trauma, crying spells, emotional lability, anger outbursts, lack of interest in anything, etc are part of depression. But if these symptoms are persistent and are hampering your personal life and you have negative thoughts then yes, we can think that you have a depressive disorder.

If the symptoms are not persistent then no need to get worried. You just have to change your lifestyle, try to not to expect anything from others. Just focus on your life and your things. If anyone hurts you then try to ignore the thoughts. This is difficult but in some days you will learn to suppress the thoughts and with the time you will be able to ignore any emotional trauma. No need to get worried.

If you are not able to function properly then you can visit a psychiatrist in person and antidepressants can be started. Escitalopram is a good option in your case. The drug is safe and has great efficacy. This will help to make your mood better.

Do you have any thoughts like killing or harming yourself? Any ongoing stress that is bothering you? Any relationship issue?

PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome) too is an independent factor that aggravated depression because of hormonal changes. Control of PCOS also helps in improving mood symptoms.

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Yes doc. I have tried and harm my self before I have cut my hand and some other body part. I don't eat properly.. sometimes I just cry all day and go to sleep. I often get suicidal thoughts as I'm alone in Bangalore and if I die also no one will even think of me. And currently I'm in a complicated relationship. I love him alot.. it seems like when ever I talk to him I feel soo happy like there is no problem around but it's complicated I dont know what kind of a relationship I'm in. he like me but he also have someone else in his life. I don't know my own worth doc. I'm not even imp for him if feel like an option. And I don't have any friends to share my feelings with.. if I talk with someone about my feelings.. instantly i start crying.. it feels like my own feelings are killing me from inside and i'm having an ongoing treatment for pcos.

Dr. Seikhoo Bishnoi

Psychiatry Psychotherapy Sexology
# Hello again

I am sorry for replying late because of busy schedule.

Since you are facing issues in relationship too and there are depression symptoms when ever you have any stress then this should be evaluated properly.

Thoughts of self harm, trying to harm self etc can’t be ignored. This could be due to ongoing mood disturbance or this might be adjustment issue because of complicated relationship. Try to build thoughts in your mind that you are not worthless. If you have taken decision to leave your parents home then stand by this and face any adverse situation with bravery. If you will make yourself a sorry figure then you will not come out of this mess. Stop thinking that you are an option. If you think you are not in right relationship then try to move out of this relationship. This is difficult but once you move out then you will be fine. You have job and you are not dependent on anyone so stop thinking that you are worthless.

This is in your mind only. Stop playing sorry figure of yourself. Face the situation. Time will heal everything. If present time is not your best time then hope for best time. Don’t loose hope. If you will think about your problem retrospectively then you will realise that most of issues are not big. You can handle the risk problems easily.

I hope this helps you.

Improvement in pcos will help to improve depression symptoms too.

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