Q. My girlfriend takes Microgynon for PMS. Is it normal for her to experinece spotting?

Answered by Dr. Deepali Raina and medically reviewed by Dr. Nithila A


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Hello doctor,

My girlfriend has been taking Microgynon 30 for two months, with two packages back to back. She took Microgynon for suppressing severe PMS. The medicine successfully suppressed the PMS, but there seem to be some side effects. She experienced some spotting for a week, and the other doctor told me that it is normal for a microgynon-taker.

Her actual period started the very next day after stoppage of spotting (which is late for two weeks), and it has been lasting for 18 days. In the beginning, the volume is lower than average, but red blood is visible. In recent days, the volume keeps increasing, and it gets me worried about whether some issues are occurring. Should I take her to a gynecologist for a check-up or it is entirely reasonable for a microgynon-taker?

We did not have any sexual intercourse before and in the case for an extremely rare accident, she took a pregnancy test, the result was negative. Therefore, pregnancy could be eliminated. She finished her second package of Microgynon around 6/4, and the next day, the blood volume started to increase. One more question, she has a third package of Microgynon and the gynecologist we saw said that she should begin the third package when the second period stops. Is this correct?

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Dr. Deepali Raina
Obstetrics And Gynaecology


Welcome to icliniq.com.

Your doctor is right in saying that this is normal with the medicine you are taking. Microgynon is progesterone. It is a hormone which builds up and helps in the growth of the inner layer or lining of the uterus called endometrium. Due to overgrowth sometimes the endometrium sheds off and appears as vaginal bleeding or periods.

The drug is otherwise safe just that continuous bleeding is a nuisance and may lead to anemia. She must take some iron supplements and wear a panty liner. For PMS (premenstrual syndrome), she can try a few things after the course of medicine is finished. She must stop taking tea and coffee. Minimize her salt intake and less water for a week before her expected periods. Also, PMS is a broad term, and treatment depends on what symptoms bother her more.

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