Spotting is the abnormal vaginal bleeding between menstrual periods. Spotting is seen during ovulation, pregnancy, PCOS, birth control pills, uterine fibroid, vaginal infection, cervical polyps, and rough sexual intercourse.

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After my ovarian cyst removal surgery, I have discharge from the site, spotting, and having cramps. Why?

Query: Hi doctor, I got open surgery to remove a cyst from the ovary. My period ended last Saturday. I am now ovulating, but I had a lot of water blogged tinged discharge that soaked my innerwear and has been spotting and having cramps. I am worried if this is normal because I am back working 12 hours on m...  Read Full »

Dr. Manwani Saloni Dilip

Answer: Hi, Welcome to I understand your concern. You should not be having the blood-tinged discharge almost two months after the surgery. Even the swelling around the surgical site is abnormal. So I suggest you schedule a visit with your surgeon and might also need an internal examination and ...  Read Full »

Two months after my abortion, I have occasional spotting and positive pregnancy test. Why?

Query: Hi doctor, I had a medical abortion two months back, after which I just passed blood clots. After ten days, I had my period, which ran for ten days. Since then, I have been having occasional spotting. And I did a home pregnancy test which came out as positive. I do not know if I am still pregnant. P...  Read Full »

Dr. Arpit Varshney

Answer: Hi, Welcome to I understand your concern. You are having some retained products of conception, causing intermittent bleeding. Apart from this, your pregnancy test is also positive for the same reasons. So I will suggest you get an ultrasound of the abdomen done and have a look to find w...  Read Full »

After an abortion four months ago, I started spotting. Why?

Query: Hello doctor,I had an abortion four months back. My period returned seven weeks later and ever since then I have been spotting randomly every few days. I was 13 weeks pregnant at the time of the procedure. Is this normal? If not, what could it be? There are no other symptoms aside from very very lig...  Read Full »

Dr. Eeshani Dutta

Answer: Hi, Welcome to Please ensure if you had a complete abortion or there are still bits of retained products of conception in your uterus by doing a transvaginal scan. Since it was a second-trimester pregnancy, there may be chances of RPOC, which can lead to irregular spotting or bleeding...  Read Full »

Why have I not got my periods yet?

Query: Hello doctor,I am having a concern. I was supposed to have my periods a week back but so far I just received a brownish discharge like old blood but it is just spotting. When I take a bath it is as if I just finished my periods. I have a pain in my lower back like period pain but I have not started ...  Read Full »

Dr. Uzma Arqam

Answer: Hi, Welcome to Are you on any hormonal medications or started or quit any medications? Check for the following factors: Strenuous exercise. Hormonal imbalance. Strict diet. Illness. Hypo or hyperthyroidism. Stress, anxiety, lower and higher BMI (body mass index). If you have...  Read Full »

I have period-like symptoms and blood in my vagina, but there is no bleeding like in a normal period. Do I have PCOS or thyroid dysfunction?

Query: Hi doctor,I am 22 years old, and I weigh 277 pounds. I think I may have PCOS or thyroid dysfunction. I started having menstrual issues two months back, where I would have period-like symptoms, and there would be blood or blood clots in my vagina. However, there will be no bleeding like in a normal p...  Read Full »

Dr. Manwani Saloni Dilip

Answer: Hello, Welcome to I went through your query and understood your concern. Could you please clarify when was the last time you had a normal period? Not the clots that you are currently experiencing. Since you experience these symptoms, I think you might have PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndr...  Read Full »

Light spotting, tender breasts along with negative pregnancy tests; is this normal?

Query: Hi doctor,I am having a slight trace of blood when I wipe my vagina and I have been spotting on and off for about five days.I am experiencing tenderness in my breasts too.I took two pregnancy tests and both were negative.  Read Full »

Dr. Reetika Joshi

Answer: Hello, Welcome to I understand your concern and I will surely help you out. I have gone through the details presented by you however, I would need some other details as well: When was your last menstrual period? How many days does your cycle consist of? Is there any history of irregul...  Read Full »

Why do I have spotting for more than 15 days after my periods?

Query: Hi doctor, I have been spotting for more than 15 days without any pain. I had periods before 20 days, and it has not completely disappeared. I am married but had not had sex in the last two years. I had missing and irregular menstrual cycle once a year, but never like this. I had progesterone six ye...  Read Full »

Dr. Aishwarya Parthasarathy

Answer: Hi, Welcome to If you are spotting for the first time, then I suggest tablet Trapic (Tranexamic acid) thrice daily until bleeding stops. If it persists, then visit your nearest obstetrician and gynecologist and get an internal examination and pap smear. For further information...  Read Full »

I am having thin blood spotting and delayed periods after taking an emergency contraceptive pill. Why?

Query: Hi doctor,My period's date was due on the second day of this month. I had intercourse with protection on the last day of the previous month but the condom bursted during the intercourse. I had taken an emergency contraceptive pill within half an hour. My periods are already delayed, it has been a we...  Read Full »

Dr. Reetika Joshi

Answer: Hello, Welcome to I understand your concern and I will surely help you. For getting pregnant, the sperms have to fertilize with an egg and then the fertilized egg should be implanted in the uterus of the female. In your case, although the condom bursted and since you were near your peri...  Read Full »

Is spotting a sign of pregnancy?

Query: Hello doctor, I had unprotected sex on the 13th, which was two days before my period. I got my period on the 15th. After that, I had sex on the 31st. As I was in my fertile window, I took an I-pill within five hours. I started bleeding on the 6th, and it continued to the 11th. Bleeding was light but...  Read Full »

Dr. Sagar Ramesh Makode

Answer: Hello, Welcome to It is unlikely for you to be pregnant. First, you had I-pill, which is highly effective and has a very less failure rate. Secondly, you had bleeding after sex. So further reducing the chances of pregnancy. The spotting is likely a breakthrough bleeding due to prol...  Read Full »

Why did my periods become shorter and lighter in the past three months?

Query: Hi doctor,I am 28 years old with a child. I want to find out whether I have an ovarian torsion. My period cycle has changed from 28 days to 30 days. I have severe pain on the first day of my period and it causes painless spotting on the fourth day for the past three months. But now I have light spot...  Read Full »

Dr. Artur Holubka

Answer: Hi, Welcome to Ovarian torsion is an acute surgical condition caused by complete or partial volvulus of the ovary. It disturbs the blood flow and nutrition. Ovarian torsion causes sudden severe abdominal pain with one-sided localization. There is bloody leucorrhea, nausea, vomiting, s...  Read Full »

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