Q. Is it possible to get extreme nausea, acid reflux, fatigue, and weight loss due to gallstone?

Answered by Dr. Zubin Dev Sharma and medically reviewed by iCliniq medical review team.


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Hello doctor,

I am 41 years old, male. I have symptoms of extreme nausea, acid reflux, fatigue, and weight loss. Ultrasound shows gallstone. I have enclosed the report. The doctor wants to do a HIDA scan and remove the gallbladder. Are my symptoms due to gallstone? Is there a substitute test for a HIDA scan? Should I go for surgery? Please advise diagnosis and treatment.

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Dr. Zubin Dev Sharma
Medical Gastroenterology


Welcome to icliniq.com.

First, gallstones in itself require treatment. The only treatment for 10 mm size stone is surgery. Medication will not reduce it. Untreated gallstone at your age may lead to complications. Your second query regarding whether symptoms of acid reflux are associated with gallstones are not. That is difficult to answer. There is an association of the two but difficult to directly link causation of acid reflux to gallstones. Hence, your symptoms may or may not rebate after surgery. Some patients although do show symptom relief. You should also undergo an upper GI endoscopy if your symptoms are persistent after discussion with a gastroenterologist.


Thank you doctor,

Endoscopy has been already done. It shows mild gastritis and H-pylori. However, H-pylori antigen stool and serum H-pylori antibodies are negative. So, the doctor thinks gallstone is the cause of the problem. Will GB surgery remove nausea, acid reflux, fatigue, and weight loss? Can you tell a substitute for HIDA scan as it is too difficult procedure for me? Any medication you can recommend for weakness and fatigue?


Dr. Zubin Dev Sharma
Medical Gastroenterology


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It may or may not go away after surgery. It is difficult to say. Various studies are ambiguous on these symptoms. But simply, the presence of gallstones at young age merits treatment on its own. It may have some serious complications as a disease on its own. I am not sure how much HIDA (cholescintigraphy) scan will add to knowledge. Gallstones can be confirmed again by ultrasound or MRCP (magnetic resonance cholangiopancreatography). Weakness and fatigue have many causes. No treatment can be recommended without actually seeing and examining the patient.

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