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I am having headache for the past 7 days. Please help me.


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Published At January 22, 2017
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Patient's Query

Hi doctor,

I am a 24 year old male. I am having a headache for the past seven days. It remains the whole day and gets actuated just before sleep, while using a mobile phone and during the study. Pain is consistently spread across the scalp and is mild. For the past few days, I am taking treatment for dandruff as well. I am using a medicated anti-dandruff shampoo and Levocet tablet. Is there any correlation of my headache with this? My routine is somewhat peculiar. I sleep at 4 AM and then wake up at 10 AM. Also, I sleep for 2 hours in the evening. I take two meals one in the late afternoon and one at night. I often try to streamline my routine by seeking to sleep early, but I am unable to do this. Kindly suggest a remedy for this also.


Welcome to icliniq.com. The initial dandruff treatment is likely unrelated to your current concerns. It's worth considering your daily routine, as such a pattern can contribute to persistent headaches and potentially impact your overall health. Evaluating and adjusting your routine could be beneficial.

Have you been experiencing stress or worries that might be bothering you? Any issues with blurred vision, difficulty focusing on near or distant objects, sinusitis, nasal congestion, or excessive nasal discharge? Digestion problems or constipation?

While it's unlikely to be a migraine, based on the information provided, two possibilities stand out: refractive error and tension-type headache. Refractory errors could necessitate eyeglasses or adjustments to your existing prescription, so it's advisable to have your eyes examined.

The second possibility is tension-type headache, which accounts for 70% to 80% of headache cases, even without apparent stress. Considering tablet Tryptomer 10 mg (Amitriptyline) at bedtime could be helpful. This dosage can be gradually increased unless excessive sleepiness occurs, and it's recommended to consult a local doctor for a prescription.

I assume you do not smoke or engage in drug use. Embracing a healthy lifestyle, incorporating exercises and yoga if possible, can be beneficial. If needed, you can also discuss the option of tablet Naproxen 250, and if there's no response, escalate to 500 mg as required for pain relief after meals, up to twice a day. Your well-being is of paramount importance, and these measures aim to address your concerns effectively.

Patient's Query

Hi doctor,

Thank you for such a detailed reply. Yes, I am having this routine for more than two years with few exceptions in between and the exceptions are very few. Yes, I have specs having power 0.25 cylindrical in the right eye. Since I can take down things in the classroom from 6-7 meters away quite comfortably, I use my specs sparsely. Regarding constipation; it is not that evident. I can have this at the maximum once or twice in a month, but I have a problem of acidity which comes and goes. Since I am preparing for my exam, tension is there regarding various factors like my level of preparation among others. But, these are very mild. I am a teetotaller and do not take any drugs per se.


Welcome back to icliniq.com. It's important to note that the issue isn't necessarily about whether you can see objects clearly at first glance, but rather, in the initial stages, your eyes might be exerting extra effort to focus properly, inadvertently leading to eye strain and subsequent headaches.

With that in mind, if you have prescription eyeglasses, using them could potentially help alleviate this strain. Additionally, I recommend taking tablet Pantoprazole 40 mg before breakfast once a day to address your concerns related to gastritis and acidity.

If your headache persists and doesn't respond to these measures, it might be appropriate to consider the medicine I previously mentioned, in consultation with your doctor. The goal is to effectively manage your symptoms while ensuring your overall well-being.

Same symptoms don't mean you have the same problem. Consult a doctor now!

Dr. Sagar Ramesh Makode
Dr. Sagar Ramesh Makode


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