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My periods have become irregular. Will IVF help me?


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Published At August 1, 2018
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Patient's Query

Hi doctor,

My highest FSH count was 35.6 mIU/mL before two years. Now the FSH count is 13.2 mIU/mL. Before two years, my AMH count was 0.6 ng/ml. Last year, my AMH count was 0.1 ng/ml. Also, on the day seven and day 10, the follicular study gave nil result in both the ovaries (without medication). My periods have become irregular. I want to know whether IVF will give me success.

Answered by Dr. Balakrishnan R


Welcome to icliniq.com.

Let me start by giving you some points about the functions of FSH (follicle stimulating hormone) and AMH (anti-mullerian hormone). Every lady is born with a fixed number of eggs in ovaries (to be precise around 7 million). Every month, the lady pushes out one egg. These are the best of all. So after every period, the number of eggs left behind is less healthy than the previous cycle. By 35 years of age, most of the good eggs are gone and by 40 years nearly all the good eggs are over. This is not a fixed number. It is only a range.

Pituitary gland below the brain produces FSH, which has a normal range of up to 7 mIU/mL. FSH stimulates the ovaries to release the eggs. As the eggs reduce, the higher levels of FSH is needed to release the eggs. So, indirectly FSH reflects the number of eggs left in the ovaries. Once, the number of eggs reduce, it can never be increased again. AMH above 2 ng/ml is normal. AMH is a glycoprotein which prevents the eggs releasing from the ovaries. So as the eggs reduce, the AMH level reduces. So there is no treatment to increase the AMH. Periods are irregular as the good eggs are nearly over and the hormones are reduced.

Your best and the only option is IVF (in-vitro fertilization). I advise IVF with a donor egg is the only option. Anyone who is willing to give eggs, related or unrelated to you, can be given hormone injections. They will produce all the eggs, which can be aspirated in the embryology. Your husband's sperm can be injected into the eggs and the embryo is formed. The embryo is placed in a frozen. Those embryos are placed in your uterus and the baby will grow in your uterus. Even after the first delivery, you can plan for a second baby, a few years later.

On the other hand, if you plan to use your own eggs, as explained previously, the chances of getting unhealthy eggs is more. The overall number of eggs too will be less, so the success of IVF will be low. Even if you get pregnant, you will need a screening for lots of genetic problems in the baby. Just by using a higher dose of hormones, your egg quality will not improve. By using your eggs, success rates are decimal. Using donor with good egg quality, the success rate is 45 to 50 %.

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Patient's Query

Thank you doctor,

Are there any chance, if I go ahead with homeopathy treatment? How long will it take to show good results?

Answered by Dr. Balakrishnan R


Welcome back to icliniq.com.

Every method of treatment, either it is allopathy or homeopathy or ayurvedic or unani, has no difference. As I had explained, the egg is a life, and there is no one other than God who can create life. Every lady is born with a fixed number of eggs, and no one can build new healthy eggs. You can wait for three months after the treatment for any changes. I am sure, IVF will be your best treatment. You will surely get pregnant with this treatment.

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Dr. Balakrishnan R
Dr. Balakrishnan R

Obstetrics and Gynecology

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