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In Vitro Fertilization

In vitro fertilization (IVF) helps women conceive a child, and it is a type of assisted reproductive technology (ART). Here, matured eggs are collected from the ovaries, which are then fertilized with sperm in a lab. These fertilized eggs are then implanted in the uterus.

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Can hydrosalpinx occur after tubal disconnection?

Query: Hello doctor, I am 36 years old. I had a bilateral hydrosalpinx (HSG) mainly due to endometriosis. I do not have any pain symptoms, and I had a bilateral tubal disconnection to maintain the blood supply to the ovaries. After this, I had IVF but failed. I had HSG again, and I do not know if there was...  Read Full »

Dr. Balakrishnan R

Answer: Hello, Welcome to I find lots of misunderstandings in the history. From the report (attachment removed to protect the patient's identity) you have sent, I can say that your uterus is normal and thereby there will be no problems in undergoing IVF (in vitro fertilization). Once the tub...  Read Full »

Can I take an antibiotic for water in the fallopian tube?

Query: Hello doctor,Two days back, I had my laparoscopy. My right tube was found to be dilated and the ports were open. The left one was completely closed and after forceful attempts, it was opened but only a slow progression was there. Now, under the current circumstances, is there any antibiotic for wate...  Read Full »

Dr. Balakrishnan R

Answer: Hello, Welcome to How are you doing? Water in the tube is hydrosalpinx. This is a collection of the fluid secreted from the lining of the tubes. Usually, if one tube is damaged, the other one will also show some damage. The best antibiotic for genital tract infections is capsule Clin...  Read Full »

My wife is pregnant through IVF. Is Lonopin injection compulsory for her?

Query: Hello doctor, My wife is 3 months 3 days pregnant through IVF. Currently, she was prescribed to have the medication, which I have attached for your reference. Even after 3 months, they are forcing her to take Lonopin injection, which is very irritating, painful and give side effects like nausea. We ...  Read Full »

Dr. Jyoti Gupta

Answer: Hi, Welcome to If she has a history of recurrent miscarriages or recurrent fetal deaths or repeated IVF failures, then Lonopin seems essential till at least 5 months. If not, then still I would say it is a prophylaxis to help avoid problems of miscarriage due to unknown immunological fa...  Read Full »

Can contraceptive pills thicken ovary walls?

Query: Hi doctor, My 36 year old wife was just diagnosed with a retroverted uterus, adenomyosis, and polycystic ovaries, which are causing her severe pain. The first gynecologist told her to go on contraceptive pills for two months to rest the uterus and identify the pain, but she said that her ovaries are...  Read Full »

Dr. Meeta Bansal

Answer: Hi, Welcome to No, contraceptive pills cannot cause ovarian thickening. Your wife's age is 36, at which ovarian egg reserve is reduced. But, it can be determined only by doing serum AMH (anti-Mullerian hormone) and day-2 scan. If she has polycystic ovaries, then it cannot be less. You ...  Read Full »

What does CA-125 level 638 indicate?

Query: Hi doctor, I am a 34 year old female, and I am suffering from severe pain and heavy bleeding every month, during my periods. I need to take painkillers to feel fine, and sometimes, it does not work. My recent medical report shows that I have endometriosis and cysts on both of my ovaries. But, I am s...  Read Full »

Dr. Sanjay Kumar Bhattacharyya

Answer: Hello, Welcome to There are few conditions where CA-125 (cancer antigen 125) remains elevated. Some of them are cancerous and some of them benign. Endometriosis is a benign condition, where CA-125 remains high. So, that is the reason for your high CA-125. IVF (in vitro fertilizati...  Read Full »

Please explain in detail about in vitro fertilization.

Query: Hello doctor,Please explain to me in detail about in vitro fertilization (IVF). My sister, who is 32 years old, has been unable to conceive for the past five years. She has tried various diets and undergone some treatments for pregnancy, including receiving hormonal injections, but everything has fa...  Read Full »

Dr. Sanap Sneha Umrao

Answer: Hello,Welcome to have read your query, and I can understand your concern.IVF stands for in vitro fertilization, where eggs and sperm are fused outside the human body and then inserted into the uterus. The success rate is 50 percent. This procedure requires a lot of patience, and she sh...  Read Full »

How can I improve embryo quality for IVF?

Query: Hello doctor,I am going to be 35 years old in two months, and I am trying for my second pregnancy. I already have a son who is going to be 10 years old. I have been trying to conceive for the past three years but have been unsuccessful. I have not undergone any major treatments for pregnancy, but I ...  Read Full »

Dr. Obinna Ugwuoke

Answer: Hello,Welcome to age is a major factor that affects the quality of the egg, some studies have shown that supplements containing Folic acid and Inositol can help reduce the drastic drop in egg quality after age 35. Additionally, a diet rich in antioxidants like vitamins C and E woul...  Read Full »

I am a married male suffering from infertility. Please help.

Query: Hello doctor, I am a 39-year-old male, and I am trying to start a family with my partner. We have not had success. I feel that there might be an issue with my fertility. Could you share some insights into male infertility, its diagnosis, and potential treatments like in vitro fertilization? Also, ar...  Read Full »

Dr. Vandana Andrews

Answer: Hi, Welcome to I have read the query, and I can understand your concern. I would be happy to help you. Male infertility refers to the inability to conceive a child after one year of regular, unprotected sexual activity. Infertility can have various causes, and it is essential to unde...  Read Full »

How to reduce my sugar level before embryo transfer?

Query: Hello doctor, I have PCOS. I have undergone IVF egg collection process five months back. One month later, I gained my weight and my blood sugar level increased. We need to do the embryo transfer process, but, our doctor informed that unless and until my blood sugar comes to a normal level, I should ...  Read Full »

Dr. Shaikh Sadaf

Answer: Hello, Welcome to I just read your query and from what you have mentioned it appears that your blood sugar is just slightly high. You do not fall into diabetes but you do have a high postprandial blood sugar level. There are ways to lower your blood sugar levels. Take Tablet Metformin...  Read Full »

I am pregnant through IVF. Please review my fifth week scan.

Query: Hello doctor, I need advice on the week five ultrasound for IVF pregnancy. hCG has been doubling appropriately.  Read Full »

Dr. Chitrangada Jitendra

Answer: Hello, Welcome to The scan (attachment removed to protect patient identity) shows a single intrauterine gestational sac of about four to five weeks. However, the sac is a bit irregular. It could indicate early failure. A follow-up with transvaginal ultrasound is recommended at one-wee...  Read Full »

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