Q. Will touching of bed sheet by needle tip before TT injection cause any contamination?

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Hello doctor,

I have got a TT injection in deltoid of left arm today from a local hospital. After loading injection in casualty the nurse called to injection room, I sat there, nurse cleaned my arm with spirit. After cleaning, I noticed that the preloaded syringe with the needle was kept on the bed with needle touching bedsheet by the time I was about to ask, injection was administered. After this, I also enquired about this to the nurse then she said cap was slipped off and did not notice. I also enquired to RMO he also said no need to bother. I am having doubt that injection needle if touched the bedsheet, will there be contamination. Now I am anxious about this. Will there by any possibility of diseases due to this unsterile injection? Please give your opinion.

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Dr. Aditi Gupta Jha
General Medicine, Internal Medicine


Welcome to icliniq.com.

Good to know that you are careful with healthcare. Firstly I would like to know what was the reason to take a TT injection? On a general note, the injection needle scenario you described is completely safe from most serious viral infections, but only a few bacteria may persist. You see, any organism that develops disease inside a human body grows in a warm medium such as blood and requires a liquid temperature controlled viable environment. But in this case, the bedsheet is a nonviable environment for any infective organism or germ. Hence the chances of you falling sick from that needle are as low as finding a shooting star in the sky. Although I do not say it was completely sterile, it may cause at most a slight immune response that may look and behave like a mosquito bite. Keep me updated with any suspicious symptoms you notice and do not worry, we are here for you. The nurse was not wrong either. Take care.

Preventive measures:

Using a rubbing alcohol dipped in cotton over your skin prior to the injection makes your skin sterile and also the needle as it goes in.

Regarding follow up:

Follow up as necessary.

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