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I procrastinate a lot. Is it psychological? Can it be rectified?

I procrastinate a lot. Is it psychological? Can it be rectified?

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Published At April 19, 2018
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Dear doctor,

I am 34 years old and am married with two kids, the youngest of the two is 5 months. I have three queries. I procrastinate a lot. Is it psychological? Can it be rectified? I have low self-esteem. Things which happened in my past keep coming to my mind and it hurts me. My mum has told me that I am a good for nothing and I cannot do anything. Is there a way out from feeling so worthless? My husband is an awesome guy. He is very caring and kind. He is the perfect match for me except the fact that he is not interested in sex. Right from when we got married, he never was interested in sex. He has sex when I force him too much and for having kids. Is it due to a low amount of testosterone in him? Can it be rectified via a testosterone injection? If that is the case, will he be interested in sex only or will his whole personality change? He is very emotional and helps out with everything. I do not want that to be changed. Thanks for your time.


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I can understand your concern. 1 & 2. A lot of individuals have the habit of procrastinating. If there are no other associated symptoms, we cannot label this as psychological. You have mentioned that you have low self-esteem and you think a lot about past. Sometimes, you feel worthless and these symptoms might be associated symptoms. Delaying anything without any reason could be due to lack of motivation, initiative or judgment. This should be properly evaluated. This might be due to underlying mood disturbance. Mild depression can cause similar presentation. Do you have any symptoms like sadness of mood that is pervasive and remain throughout the day? Any symptoms like lack of energy, feeling negative about future, feeling that no one is there for your help, etc.? Any symptoms like lack of interest in day-to-day routine, bad thoughts, anticipatory worries, lack of pleasure in anything? If there are no such symptoms and you just have the issue of procrastination, then this is not an alarming thing. Try to remain relaxed, make a proper routine of your day to day activities and follow that routine. This will help improve the functioning. Once you are engaged in your routine, the problem of feeling worthless will also go. Try to get pleasure by finishing the work on time and this will motivate you to do more and ultimately the worthlessness symptoms will go. You have mentioned that your husband is an awesome guy and is emotionally very supportive. But, one issue is that he is not very interested in sex. If he has low interest in sex but during sex, if he is getting good erections, then I do not think there is a problem of low testosterone. I hope he is not overweight and has mesomorphic build. In obese individuals, low testosterone could cause problems. Still, to get a clear picture, you can talk with him and get his serum testosterone and prolactin levels done. This will rule out any hormonal cause. Testosterone injections are given for hypogonadism and this will improve the libido and erection of individual. You can give him herbal medicines containing supplements like L-arginine and yohimbine. Both these supplements will increase his libido and erection. You can find these in supplements stores.

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Dr. Seikhoo Bishnui
Dr. Seikhoo Bishnui


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