Q. How to protect myself from STD?

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Hello Doctor, I am a 33 year old unmarried, healthy male. I have a steady girlfriend with whom I have sex regularly, as well as casual one night stands with other girls.

I always practise safe sex, i.e,

a) always use a condom

b) never have uncovered oral sex

(c) never have anal sex

(d) always keep my penis covered with my undergarments till I put on the condom

(e) always ensure that I pull out with one hand on the condom so that it does not slip out.

I wanted to know what else can I do to prevent myself from any STD.

1. What are the chances of kissing my partner causing STD and should I avoid this?

2. I heard that a person can get herpes just through skin contact. Is this true and if so, what precautions can be taken for this?

3. Is there any vaccine I should take for herpes, hepatitis A and hepatitis B?

4. I do not use a lubricant, but use lubricated condoms. Is this the correct thing to do?

5. Can I try anal sex with my girlfriend. Is it safe?

6. Is it better to wash the penis immediately after intercourse to reduce the risk of STDs or should I just wipe the penis with a dry cloth after taking out the condom?

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Dr. Amit Arora



Welcome to icliniq.com.

I appreciate that you are very much conscious and alert while having sex and take all preventive measures.

1. Kissing can spread some diseases only if the other partner is infected .These diseases spread through saliva . There are so many diseases which spread through kissing like mononucleosis, certain kind of viral infections and sore throat and some other. I guess you are much concerned about STDs (Sexually Transmitted Diseases). HIV is present in saliva but till now no HIV case had been reported through kissing. But hepatitis B cases are reported and well documented and hepatitis A & C as well, so here I will advise you not to kiss women about whom you are not aware of their health status.

2. Herpes viruses are of many types and can spread through skin contact also. Here I think you are concerned with genital herpes virus which causes STD. This usually spreads via sexual intercourse but can also spread through body fluids like blood, saliva, oral sex (without a condom) if your partner is infected.

3. No, there is no vaccine available for herpes. But you must get hepatitis B vaccination done as it is a fatal disease.

4. If you are using lubricated condoms then no need to use a lubricant unless your partner is not comfortable without a lubricant.

5. Anal sex is usually not advisable as it can cause intense pain and injury inside your partner's anus and not safe for her. But if you insist and want to do, then apply a lubricating gel and can do at your own risk.

6. Washing genital organs after having sex is advisable.

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