Q. Will a cavitated tooth pain more than a necrotic tooth?

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Dr. Naveen Thomas
and medically reviewed by Dr. Nithila A

Hello doctor,

Will a cavity tooth that hits the nerve hurt worse than a necrotic tooth? I have two teeth that are bothering me but are next to each other. I am getting one pulled, but I am not sure on 100 % on which one is bothering me. I think it is the cavity that has hit the nerve. Kindly advice.

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Dr. Naveen Thomas

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Necrotic roots of the tooth cause pain only if the pus formation has increased the pressure inside. The tooth which has a large cavity but nerves are vital is very painful since nerves are stimulated at the slightest touch of fluids etc. You need to ask for root canal treatment on both the tooth as soon as possible. Or else go for extraction. You will need antibiotics and painkillers.

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