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Professional Bio

Professional Bio

I am an optimist, helpful, and self-motivated professional much interested in personal growth side by side utilize my skills to help humanity.

My objectives are to propel my profession to the greater heights.

Awards & Publications

Awards & Publications

1. Associations of Intellectual Ability with Emotional Intelligence, Academic Achievement and Aggression of Adolescents.

publication date2016 publication descriptionJournal of Basic and Applied Sciences, 12, 344-350.

2. Cognitive Behavior Therapy as Effective Treatment for Fast Remission of Panic Attacks with Agoraphobia: A Case Study.

publication date2015 publication descriptionJournal of Pakistan Psychiatric Society

publication description

3. Why People Avoid Expression of Happiness? An Exploratory Study on Fear of Happiness

publication date2018 publication descriptionICRMHW-2018, Department of Psychology, University of Karachi

publication descriptionPaper presentation at INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON RE-DEFINING MENTAL HEALTH AND WELL-BEING (ICRMHW- April 5, 2018)

4. Relationship of Personality Traits, Life Satisfaction, Perceived Stress and Religious Faith of Personnel at Executive Positions

publication date2017 publication descriptionICHHW, Lahore College for Women University

publication descriptionPaper presentation at International Conference on Health, Harmony and Wellbeing(11th -13th December 2017)

5. “Aggression and Academic Achievement of Secondary School Students: Gender Comparative and Relationship Study”.

publication date2016 publication descriptionAEIRC, University of Karachi.

publication descriptionPaper Presentation in “3rd International Conference on psychophysiology: Mind, Body & Soul Harmony”


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