Answered by Dr. Suchada Chaiwechakarn

Answered by Dr. Suchada Chaiwechakarn

Is painful heavy menstrual flow after IUD placement serious?

Hello doctor,

I had the Skyla IUD inserted two months ago to lighten my very heavy menstrual flows hopefully. My first period after insertion was very heavy and painful, more than usual, but I heard that was likely to happen. It lasted for two and a half weeks. Since then, I have had spotting daily, some days heavier than others, but very frequent. I also have been experiencing mild cramping and bleeding after intercourse. Is this a dangerous condition?

13 May 2024 - 1 min read

What could cause yellow discharge from a burst groin lump?

Hello doctor,

I had a lump in my groin, which I pushed, and it popped. Now I have a small hole near my vaginal opening which leaks yellow clear stringy discharge and also a small amount of blood if I push where the lump used to be. I have had this a couple of months now what could it be? There is no pain. I currently have a copper coil, my height is 5'8, and weight 147 lbs, and in good health.

16 Apr 2024 - 1 min read

Is it normal to have fluctuations in BP after delivery?

Hello doctor,

My sister gave birth around 10 days ago. She is 26 and it was her first pregnancy. She was discharged from the hospital within a few days and everything seemed normal. Last friday night, a little less than a week after the birth, she went to the ER and was admitted back into the hospital with blood pressure at 171/117 and blurry vision. In these three days, her blood pressure has been going up and down, from over 200/120, down to 139/79. They have diagnosed her with postpartum preeclampsia.

Last night her blood pressure spiked again, at around 1 AM, they moved her into the ICU. Her vision is still blurry, and it seems to have taken them hours to get the pressure back down. My main question is, is it typical for her blood pressure to still be fluctuating after three days in the hospital? Is it understandable for the doctors to be having trouble keeping the blood pressure down? My mom has been unable to see my sister since they took her to the ICU, because my mom cannot take the newborn, there. The only way my mom has gotten information is through my sister texting her. Even though my mom is still in the hospital, she says no doctor has talked to her since they moved my sister, and my sister is not in a great condition to make decisions right now. Is all of this normal?

30 Jan 2024 - 1 min read

What can be done for swollen labia with pain?

Hello doctor,

I am a 25-year-old female with no children. My husband and I have been together for six years. We have no extra-marital affairs and I am 100 % sure of that. My right labia is swollen and is very painful to touch, even a slight breeze of air causes extreme pain. The pain is similar to a sunburn. It is painful enough to make me cry. The swelling starts from my right vulva next to my vaginal canal and goes all the way to my anus. The area with the worst pain is next to my perineum. This started as a painless lump in the size of a peanut that could be palpated from within my vagina with a finger but not visible externally. This was about a week ago. Now, it is huge and painful.

My labia is three times larger than its normal size and very red. There are no discharges, no foul smells, and it is not itchy. I am managing the pain with Clobetasol topical cream and Mefenamic Acid orally. The pain disappears instantly with the cream but I think it is also making the swelling bigger (steroid?). I am on my third day of Co-Amoxiclav 625 mg (twice a day every 12 hours) but I think this is what caused the swelling in the first place. Also, I tried to do a sitz bath and it only made the condition worse. Just a few hours ago, I had trouble breathing (allergy?). I have never been allergic to any medication before. Any impression or advice would be appreciated.

16 Jan 2024 - 1 min read

What causes pain and bleeding during sex after partial hysterectomy?

Hello doctor,

I had a partial hysterectomy six years back while in prison. I spent 7 and a half years in prison and I had sexual intercourse for the first time one week ago, I had pain and bleeding and it was very painful. So, after three days I attempted to have sex again, this time it was a lot of bleeding with cramping painful orgasm, still have some pain. Currently taking Lamotrigine 200 mg for mood disorders.

03 Jan 2024 - 1 min read

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