Q. How can I deal with aggressive behaviors of my sister?

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Hello doctor,

I have a sister and we are living together after my mother's death. We are living in a country where there are more traditional aspects. The problem is that my sister has some aggressive behaviors. An unsuccessful love affair has turned her to have more aggressive personality. She has been always fighting with my mother sometimes throwing and breaking things. My mother even had serious injuries. She never accepted to take any advice and told us that she was very healthy and normal. She is totally a different person outside the house usually very shy and not a friendly person. My mother always kept a secret and never told anybody whatever she did to her. I was the only person who knew about the abuse. I lost my father at a young age. Now that my mother has gone, she is behaving with me in the same way and I do not know what to do. I know she will never accept to take any professional advice. I am afraid that she will hurt me if I tell her to do that. She has also bullying-like behaviors and is always trying to make me angry whenever she wants by distorting words and humiliating me. I do not know how to deal with this. I am feeling anxious, nervous, and frightened. I really need advice for myself how to deal with this kind of person. I will be thankful if you could help me.

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Dr. Prashanth


Welcome to icliniq.com.

I suggest the following:

  • Whenever you feel she is in a good mood, bring up the issues of her quarreling or instances happened recently and try to convince to seek psychiatric help along with you. Try to explain in a manner that she takes it seriously.
  • Try to convince her that you are concerned about her and the relationship.
  • Take an appointment with a psychiatrist beforehand and even if she finally refuses to consult, you attend and discuss with the doctor regarding what best you can do according to the laws of your area.
  • You can consult a psychiatrist online so that both of you can consult and there is less chance of her denying and can be counseled to whatever extent possible.


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