Q. My retainers do not cover wisdom teeth. Please help.

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Hello doctor,

I wear Essix retainers at night after braces. Recently, I broke my two front teeth and had them bonded. I had to get new retainers and got them from the clinic but my new retainers do not cover my wisdom teeth. I have all 32 of my teeth. Is there a risk of my wisdom teeth hyper erupting?

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Dr. Prerna Jain
Dentistry, Orthodontist


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The night only wear of retainers will not cause over eruption of wisdom teeth, as during daytime you will have a normal bite. However, you might feel a slight change in bite as you remove your retainers in the morning. It does settle down within a short period. Usually, third molars are not included in the retainers. And patients wear them quite comfortably without any side effects such as over eruption. However, if you feel uncomfortable, you can request the dentist to make a new set of retainers that cover your wisdom teeth as well.

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