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Good and Bad Regarding Orthodontic Treatment

Written by Dr. Naveen Thomas and medically reviewed by iCliniq medical review team.

Image: Good and Bad Regarding Orthodontic Treatment

An orthodontic treatment (wire braces) is a dental treatment done for a patient to get an aesthetic facial apperance while maintaining the intraoral gum health. Presently we are witnessing numerous patients who after completing the treatment complain of periodontitis (gum problem in which loosening of teeth occurs), spacing between teeth, non-vital teeth (dead teeth due to lack of blood supply) and loss of sensation in the teeth few years after the treatment say 4-5 years down the line.

When is an orthodontic intervention needed?

1) Severely protruded teeth (forwardly placed teeth) that causes psychological disturbance for patients especially girls.

Patients with mild protrusion and severe bimaxillary protrusion (forwardly placed teeth, both in the upper and the lower jaws) have to be distinguished. Only those who really need correction have to be treated. Patients should try to know from the doctor, the pros and cons of orthodontic intervention.

2) Improper arrangement of teeth causing severe problem in the normal functioning of mouth and chewing.

For patients with difficulty in opening and closing the mouth, chewing food, speaking, etc., orthodontic treatment is a must. Small problems like rotated teeth and small crowding (closely placed teeth due to lack of space) do not require treatment.

3) Pure aesthetic consideration.

Patients who are hell-bent in getting the perfect look, like people involved in professions where external appearance plays an important role, should stick to certain precautions after the treatment. They should use a good nightguard or retainer for a long period or else there are chances of relapse.

Disadvantages of orthodontic treatment:

1) After treatment there would be loosening of your gingiva and teeth, so if you do not wear retainers for a long time approximately 3 years, there are chances of relapse. Your teeth will again start to protrude or shift irregularly resulting in spacing between the teeth.

2) Sensitivity of teeth might occur in a few patients. This is because, the alveolar bone (part of jaw bone holding the teeth in place) surrounding the teeth recedes during orthodontic treatment. This is associated with tooth sensitivity problems while eating cold and sweet food.

3) Orthodontic treatment alters the patient's natural gum architecture and this becomes a problem in later age, causing loosening of tooth.

Eventhough there are a few disadvantages, orthodontic treatment is a must for correction of functional problems like difficulty in speech, difficulty in eating, temperomandibular joint disorders, mouth breathing and many more.

Hence, patients wanting orthodontic treatment kindly consider these points before starting the treatment. Because "it is only a treatment and not a beauty enhancement procedure".

Last reviewed at: 07.Sep.2018



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