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Q. I am not able to gain weight and muscles. Please advise.


Hello doctor, I am 21 years old and my height is 5'7" and my weight is 57kg. My problem is related to my reduced body growth and development. I regularly take diet 3-4 times a day and drink about 3 litres of water a day. Besides this, I have also taken health supplements like horlicks/enduramass in the past. But still my weight and muscles do not increase. My cheeks are sunken and I always look tired to people. My face skin does not glow at all and I always look tired. My bones in the back, and neck are completely visible and my nerves in my hands are also visible.

I have consulted doctors in the past and some of them gave some medicines/vitamins, but nothing worked out. My urine smells very bad (not always) and so I had also undergone urine test 2 years back, but nothing major found by doctors and I was only given some vitamins. I do not suffer any major disease. For your information, I masturbate once in 7-10 days. My confidence is decreasing and I find myself out of my friends circle. Doctor please help me. How can I look like at least average boys of my age group.

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Dr. Anshul Varshney
Critical Care Physician, Diabetology, General Medicine, Internal Medicine, Medical Gastroenterology,


Welcome to icliniq.com.

If you are unable to gain weight, you should be evaluated for organic causes behind it. It can however be just constitutional. But it is not uncommon to have some organic causes behind this problem. If there is any organic cause, it should be evaluated. If you have any loose stools, pain in the abdomen or anemia then you would require evaluation for Coeliac disease. In case you have fever or weight loss, you would require evaluation for intestinal tuberculosis.

I would advise you to get anti TTG (Tissue Transglutaminase) antibody test done to rule out malabsorption syndrome like Coeliac disease. You should also get a thyroid profile done to rule out any issues like hyperthyroidism that can cause weight loss. If you have any cough, expectoration then get a chest x-ray done to rule out any evidence of tuberculosis. If no cause is found, this might be just constitutional and requires just a good diet and exercise. Share my opinion with your doctor. Stay healthy.

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