Q. I have a painful lump around the anus. Could this be piles?

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Dr. Ajeet Kumar Lohana
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Hello doctor,

I have developed a lump around the anus. It is extremely painful and spoils my day. I assume it is piles. I keep doing sitz bath twice a day and have been taking Dr. Reckeweg R 13 regularly. I do not sense any relief besides walking for long and during sitz bath. Please help. Would it go away on its own?



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Well, the picture are a little blur (attachment removed to protect patient identity). As far as I can see, it seems external hemorrhoids are likely thrombosed. Thrombosed meaning clotting of blood within these veins of the anal canal. The other possibility is an anal fissure, which is again a painful disorder. I suggest you upload more pictures as I can be very sure about the diagnosis.

Meanwhile, considering that it is external hemorrhoids, you should continue sitz bath. This time more frequently, like every four hourly for at least 15 minutes in semi-warm water and add some Savlon or Dettol 5 ml. You should keep doing it for five to seven days until this swelling subsides.

Plus, take tablet Daflon 500 mg thrice daily for seven days. Apply Xylocaine gel 2% six hourly for five to seven days, or until the pain settles, Glyceryl trinitrate GTN cream six hourly alternatives with the Xylocaine.

Are you constipated as well? If yes, then use Ispagol husk two tablespoons full daily with water. Do not strain while passing stools.

Thank you doctor,

Please find another attachment. I have been patient with anal fissures for more than a year, but now it does not pain during defecation. I had begun to apply Levorag Emugel and changed my diet to a soft diet and salads. There is no bleeding involved this time, neither I feel the direct sensation on the anus but lumpy around it. Also, it pains me a lot when I move. I do not have constipation.



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I have seen the picture you attached (attachment removed to protect patient identity). It does not seem an anal fissure. It is highly likely an external hemorrhoids or hair folliculitis, which is inflammation of the hair follicle.

Besides the above medications, which I have suggested to you, you can take a small course of antibiotics or apply local cream in the form of Fusicidin. Apply three times daily for seven days. You can use Levorag emugel, it is a good medication, and there is no harm in combining it all together.

Thank you doctor,

I also do not feel it an anal fissure. However, I shall apply the Emugel as suggested. Also, I have noticed that I am a bit constipated when I am expecting periods and feel pressure around my rectum until I get my periods. Could it be inter-related? When progesterone rises around periods, my body feels constipated and does not hold the water further. By that, I mean that even if I consume lots of water during the day, the lips remain dry, and I only end up urinating more frequently. I shall try to buy the medicines as you suggested, but I shall not consider the antibiotic course as of now.



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Well, menstruation itself is a huge subject. There are various hormonal changes within the body that anticipate the various features of menstruation, such as pain, bleeding, sleep disturbance, and skin changes. Dry lips may be one of those symptoms. Since I am not an expert in it, I could not tell you enough.

Some change in the bowel is expected at the time of menstruation since the muscles of the uterus, and the rectum and anal canal are supplied by the same nerves. Painful contraction of the uterine muscles can increase the spasm of the rectum muscles, causing constipation.

This is just a physiological change and not pathological. Hence, it does not need any specific treatment except advice to modify diet. Increase fiber intake and to take plenty of water, i.e. 2 to 3 liters a day. Fucidin cream is a local antibiotic and would not cause any side effects. So do not be worried about that.

Thank you doctor,

I am a bit confused now. So should I buy medicine for external hemorrhoids or Fucidin or both?



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I suggest both. You will be fine.

Hi doctor,

Thank you for your kind help.



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You are welcome. Keep in touch for furhter doubts.

Thank you doctor,

Daflon 500 mg is not available here. The chemist suggests Venentabs by Ratiopharm. Should I take it? Does the dosage remain the same?



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Do not take that. You should check for tablet Diosmin. Let me know if this is available. Dose should be 500 mg Flavinoids twice daily or equivalent.

Diosmin Tab is not available. However I shall try to look for it in other nearby chemists too.
Also i need your clarification on the second sentence. Do you mean that flavinoids500mg as an alternative brand or flavinoid 500mg as a main ingredient for the medicine?

Also , Fuscidin cream needs the prescription from docs here so can not be bought.
# flavonoids are the main ingredient of the medication.
you can order online. no problem
diosmin or flavonoids which one is available
Hi Dr. Ajeet, I have one more query now. My pain has somehow subsided. At least I can walk but I noticed a little blood on my external hemorrhoid. Does Xylocaine help it? Also, the chemist gave me Ichtholan 50% but I am not sure if should apply it. Thank you for your so far prompt replies and support. Been very helpful.
# No. I do not think it is suitable for hemorrhoids.
You should arrange xylocain. Xylocain is basically for pain. But it have some ability to control bleeding as well.
Some blood is not alarming, and shall settle within few days of using that regimen as advised.
it is pleasure to talk to you.
No problem at all
Yes, I have been applying xylocaine as suggested. Thanks.

The nearest to Tab diosmin I could find is Diosminven 1000 online. I hope I can take this?
# yes. you can use diosminven. this is same compound

use twice daily if available in 1000 mg.

Sorry. You should take this thrice daily. Not twice daily

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