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Q. Can cramps and diarrhea with fever indicate gastric problem?


Hello doctor,

I am getting stomach problem from the last year after consuming fish curry. I suffered from diarrhea and low-grade fever and after taking multiple antibiotics I got relief but I started to get a new problem. I was getting stomach cramps and diarrhea that happens suddenly after taking meals (especially in the morning). This diarrhea is not 100 % watery but loose and it will not happen daily. After getting diarrhea I will get constipation for many days. I took Rifaximin 550 (TID) along with probiotics for 14 days but I still have a tendency of diarrhea like stomach rumble with the defecating tendency and I get some cramps (sometimes burning pain in the abdomen). Therefore I need to know whether I am getting the problem because of irritable bowel syndrome or is there any infection that is causing this? Do I have to continue taking Rifaximin 550?

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Dr. Sandhya
Family Physician, General Practitioner


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As per the history you have provided, it seems like irritable bowel syndrome. Firstly, you would need to rectify your diet by cutting down on too much fibres, gluten, too much starch, spicy foods or junk, alcohol, caffeine. Increase intake of water, soups, detox drinks, fruits and vegetables and do not over eat or skip meals. Start tablet Pantoprazole 40 mg once daily for a month, tab Vitamin C chewable 500 mg twice daily for one month only after food. Start tablet Dicyclomine once daily for one week and then only when required. Continue with the probiotics. You may stop Rifaximin until you finish the course of the medicines I just mentioned. Lastly and most importantly get a gut investigation done at a hospital. Above all, keep a positive mind and do not worry about it as a problem as there is always a cure for everything. Do follow up and stay healthy.

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