Q. What is the reason for swelling and pain in joints with disability to walk?

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Hello doctor,

I am having severe joint pains for two days. Initially, I had a fever. but now it has subsided but unable to move or walk freely as all joints seemed swollen.

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Dr. Ella Maponya
Family Physician, General Practitioner


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Acute generalized joint pain is an uncomfortable problem that needs attention as soon as possible especially because you are unable to move or walk freely. Diseases that can cause the kind of joint pain you are having include Gout where uric acid forms crystals that deposit in the joints causing inflammation and pain, arthritis-like septic arthritis and psoriatic arthritis, infection of the joints, joint injuries.

Treatment of painful swollen joints depends on the problem or diagnosis. It can include non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs for pain and swelling, steroid medications are taken for a short period of time to reduce pain and swelling of the joints. The steroids block the inflammatory chemicals in the body. Acute gout can be treated with medication that reduces uric acid like Colchicine, antibiotics if the pain and swelling are caused by infectious causes to stop the infection, surgery if your pain is caused by injury. It will help if you are checked and assessment is done so that more history can be given and correct diagnosis can be made.

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