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Common Doubts For Any Ulcer Patients

Written by Dr. Prabudoss G S and medically reviewed by iCliniq medical review team.

Image: Common Doubts For Any Ulcer Patients

Doctor? Can i take one cup of coffee? Will pepsi/coke increase acidity? Will one day party food derail my stomach? all these and more are some of the questions, that are often put across the table to any gastro specialist.. I have tried to add so

Let me first explain what happens to food that are getting swallowed ....

These are not hard core medical facts that will be require in-depth knowledge to understand, but are just facts that all common person need to know!?


Food is not digested in stomach, it only gets broken down to smaller size. As more of saliva gets mixed, it adds certain amount of enzymes which will enhance better digestion or in other words ease the work of stomach which is the next organ that food will enter.

That is why elders and physician say to take more time in chewing and breaking down food in mouth. Now you know the difference between gulping a fried chicken and idli. At Least after reading the above lines you should be able to judge what has to reach your mouth through hand in order to keep your digestive tract in order !!!


Last reviewed at: 07.Sep.2018



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