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Q. Please compare my recent reports with last month's.


Hello doctor,

I went to the doctor for a physical on 8th. I had blood work done. I went to the ER recently because I was feeling dizzy and tingling. The doctor said I have vertigo and they were not sure of the tingling. I received my blood work from my ER visit and I compared it to my annual exam. Below are the results: Between 8th and now:

RBC 5.13 5.35

HGB 16.1 16.7

HCT 48.5 48.5

MCH 31.5 31.2

NA 131 141

CL 105 97

Protein 8.3 8.9

SGOT 41 23

All other numbers were normal. Do I need to be concerned with these numbers? After my 8th appt, the doctor did prescribe 20 mg of Lipitor (generic), but I stopped taking it after two weeks. I have also had diarrhea. I currently take Synthroid 0.05 mg. My blood pressure was high at my 8th appointment. It had never been high before.


Dr. Albana Greca
Family Physician, General Practitioner


Welcome to icliniq.com.

I understand your concern. You say you are having vertigo and tingling and taking Synthroid. This makes me think about thyroid issues. So, a thyroid function test should be done.

Furthermore, check your blood electrolytes and run urine analysis, and check blood sugar and pressure for a complete checkup.

Keep well hydrated. Have your meals regularly, do not skip any. Hope this helps.

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