Thyroid Function Test

Thyroid function test is the blood tests done to diagnose thyroid problems. It includes checking the levels of TSH (Thyroid Stimulating Hormone), T3 (Triiodothyronine), T4 (Tetraiodothyronine), FT3 (Free T3), FT4 (Free T4), etc. This test can be done at any time of the day, as fasting is not needed.

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Please evaluate my blood report and symptoms for thyroid problem.

Query: Hello doctor, I got blood tested for my thyroid and I need help understanding the results. Do I have hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism? I have cold hands and feet, eczema, psoriasis on my nail, sensitive eyes, constipation, gas, bloating, extreme lethargy, depression, and anxiety. My blood test res...  Read Full »

Dr. Rohit Jain

Answer: Hi, Welcome to Your results can be interpreted as follows: Your TSH (thyroid-stimulating hormone) is surely high and the T3 and T4 levels are in the normal range. There are two possibilities of such a report. 1. Primary hypothyroidism - In this the TSH is high and the others go low...  Read Full »

I underwent a thyroid function test this morning. What does the report suggest about my thyroglobulin antibody levels, and how to manage the nodule?

Query: Hello doctor, I have a question about thyroid function tests. I had a test this morning, and the results are as follows: T4 95 nmol/L (59 to 154) TSH 1.37 mIU/L (0.27 to 4.2) Free thyroxine 16.5 pmol/lm (12 to 22) Free T3 5.5 pmol/L (3.1 to 6.8) Thyroglobulin antibody 15.1 IU/ML (0 to 115) Thyroid ...  Read Full »

Dr. Thiyagarajan. T

Answer: Hello,Welcome to thyroid function and antibody levels are in the normal range. The dominant thyroid nodule on the right side by the report is a cyst and is usually benign. The other nodule is also of low risk according to the report and smaller, so repeating the ultrasound in 6 to 1...  Read Full »

My thyroids are enlarged and asymmetrical. Should I visit an endocrinologist?

Query: Hello doctor, I am a 32 year old woman, who in the last six months began to experience thyroid symptoms. I am in the process of looking for a new physician, but I live in a very remote area with a significant shortage of medical professionals, so I am in a lot of ways on my own here. My mother had h...  Read Full »

Dr. Swaraj Waddankeri

Answer: Hi, Welcome to Thanks a lot for such a detailed history, it makes my job easier. I would want to know what was the result of the biopsy or FNAC (fine needle aspiration cytology). Based on that, I shall be in a better position to tell you the next step.Your thyroid is functioning to its ...  Read Full »

Thyroid level is normal but, thyroglobulin antibody level is high. What does that indicate?

Query: Hello doctor, I had depression symptoms. When I checked thyroid, it was normal. but when I checked my thyroid antibody the result shows thyroglobulin antibody (ATG), serum: 32.77 IU/mL.  Read Full »

Dr. Shaikh Sadaf

Answer: Hello, Welcome to I just read your query and from what you have mentioned, it appears that you have antithyroglobulin antibodies. The presence of antibodies only suggests that you may develop thyroid dysfunction in the future but as of now your thyroid gland is functioning well. I would...  Read Full »

Do my test results correlate with my hair loss?

Query: Hi doctor, I have substantial focal hair loss. Three blood tests have been taken, and the results are high in SHBG, but normal levels of testosterone. I am not on the contraceptive pill or any other medicine aside from DHEA, which was recently prescribed. DHEA low and proteins are also low. Is there...  Read Full »

Dr. Sadaf Mustafa

Answer: Hello, Welcome to Do you have normal DHT (dihydrotestosterone) and estrogen levels? I am asking this since you have elevated SBG (sex hormone-binding globulin).You can have hair loss with excess DHT or estrogen.Revert with the details to an internal medicine physician online --> http...  Read Full »

During heavy workouts my heart rate goes beyond 200. Is it normal?

Query: Hello doctor,I am a 47-year-old female, 1.64 m and 67 kg. My heart rate is 52 beats a minute when I wake up in the morning. During the day, my resting heart rate is 75 to 82 beats/minute. When I do a 5 km (37 min) walk, it is 195 to 200, and during a high-intensity exercise, it will go as high as 20...  Read Full »

Dr. Vivek S Narayan Pillai

Answer: Hello, Welcome to The whole picture is of exercise intolerance, as you should not have a rate of 200 plus when you exercise. The main cause is anemia here. So, you have to rectify that before commencing any sort of exercise program. Also, the muscle soreness you experience is probabl...  Read Full »

I am about to get married, but have an erectile disorder. Please suggest a remedy.

Query: Hello doctor, I am about to get married and I have an erectile disorder. Should I take any medicine? Kindly suggest some remedy for the same.  Read Full »

Dr. Radhakrishnan Nair Bhaskaran

Answer: Hello, Welcome to First of all, find out the reasons for erectile dysfunction by getting a physical examination with a urologist along with a blood test if necessary. Diabetes, thyroid dysfunction and other hormonal issues can alter your erection. So, at this age never take any medic...  Read Full »

What could be the reason for the change of hyperthyroidism to hypothyroidism after taking medication?

Query: Hello doctor,I am a 35 year old male. I had a hyperthyroid since the last five years and was taking Carbimazole 5 mg thrice a day for the last two and a half years. Then, last month, I got my complete physical test done, and I got to know that my hyperthyroid had shifted to hypothyroid. So, the do...  Read Full »

Dr. Shaikh Sadaf

Answer: Hello, Welcome to I just read your query about your thyroid dysfunction and saw your reports in detail (attachment removed to protect patient identity). It appears that you were diagnosed with hyperthyroidism initially and were treated accordingly. The problem occurred when you had ...  Read Full »

What are the chances for my daughter to survive with multiple tumors and pericardial effusion?

Query: Hello doctor,My daughter is in the ICU with pericardial effusion and multiple tumors. The fluid has been drained and there was blood mixed with the fluid. The regular blood test came back normal with no sign of cancerous cells. My question is, what are the chances that the tumors are benign? Through...  Read Full »

Dr. Sagar Ramesh Makode

Answer: Hello, Welcome to Firstly, there is a diagnostic dilemma. The reports you have uploaded (attachment removed to protect patient identity) are fine. But, you should upload the echo reports and the fluid investigations as well. Now, considering the pericardial effusion with multiple cardi...  Read Full »

I feel tired, dehydrated, and irritated after taking Zinc 50 mg for enlarged prostate. Are these symptoms of overdose?

Query: Hello doctor, I am a 44-year-old male, and I have been taking a 15 mg Zinc supplement to cure my enlarged prostate for one month, as I heard Zinc helps reduce it. In addition to the 15 mg Zinc supplement, I took the 50 mg Zinc capsules for five days in the last 30 days. Now I feel tired and dehydrat...  Read Full »

Dr. Nagaraj

Answer: Hello, Welcome to I understand your concerns. I am not sure if this question is for you as you mentioned your age as 44 years as in such a young age, prostate enlargement is uncommon. Although studies have found that Zinc supplement helps slow the progression of prostate hypertrophy. ...  Read Full »

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