Q. What are these bumps on my tonsil?

Answered by
Dr. Mehak Agarwal
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Published on Aug 12, 2016 and last reviewed on: Nov 07, 2019

Hi doctor,

I have two yellowish tint flesh colored bumps are connected on my tonsil. They form an alphabet "B" if you look at the side of them. They do not hurt and it is smooth with no irritation. I have had allergies and stuffiness for months now. I am really scared of HPV. I am a hypochondriac. I do not know when they showed, but I noticed them recently. I am currently on birth control pills and Claritin. I went to a dentist and he did not think that it is related to HPV. Please give your opinion.

Dr. Mehak Agarwal

Diabetology Otolaryngology (E.N.T)


Welcome to icliniq.com.

  • With the details you have given me your throat seems to be normal. The tonsils are seen very clearly in the picture you sent (attachment removed to protect patient identity).
  • Do you have any other complaint anywhere else?
  • HPV - human papilloma virus generally form papilloma, which is a pedunculated mass (warts). It is generally seen in immunocompromised patients.
  • Medicines you are taking are safe. They have nothing to do with HPV.
  • HPV is a sexually transmitted disease. Do you have a history of any unsafe sexual contact or oral sex?
  • Normally in our throat lymph nodes are scattered throughout. Tonsil is one of them. So, seeing such flesh (masses) can be normal in the throat. It can be some lymph node.
  • If you do not have any other symptoms or warts present anywhere else in body or any other relevant history, then you need not bother.

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Thank you doctor,

Do you believe these in any way could be HPV? Could they be a normal one? Or is it a cyst? Can cyst be closer to flesh colored?

Dr. Mehak Agarwal

Diabetology Otolaryngology (E.N.T)


Welcome back to icliniq.com.

  • The thing which I see in the picture is not HPV.
  • Cyst with clear fluid can look like a flesh and that can be confirmed only when a doctor examines you in person.
  • According to me, I feel it as normal. Even if it is a small cyst and not causing you any problem, then you can leave it like that.
  • If it is bothering you a lot, then you can meet an ENT specialist personally so that he can do a detailed examination.

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