Q. Suffering from osteopenia and osteoarthritis. Taking AcuCal and FreeFlex. Is it safe to take SAM(S Adenosyl Methionine) to enhance mobility?

Answered by Dr. Mohan Krishna and medically reviewed by iCliniq medical review team.


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Dear Doctor, 

My mother is 66 years old. She is having Trigeminal Neuralgia and for which she is taking Lyrica 75mg, Tegritol CR 400 and Symbal 30. And other medication details as below:

  • For Cholesetrol -> Storfib -10mg.
  • For BP -> seloken xl 100mg and amlodac 5mg.
  • For Urinary Incontinence -> tropan 5mg and cranpac.

Her bone mineral density revealed to scores of Osteopenia, and also Osteoarthritis.

She is taking AcuCal calcium tablet and FreeFlex Forte.

But her mobility is still very much restricted. So I want to know whether she can take SAM (S Adenosyl Methionine), and is it safe?

Also If she can take SAM, what will be the dosage and duration. I am asking whether she can take this as a supportive to enhance her mobility.

She is a pure vegetarian and on fat free diet. Her weight is 70kg, height is 5.1 feet.

Please give your suggestion.

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Dr. Mohan Krishna
Orthopedics And Traumatology


Welcome to icliniq and thanks for the query. She can take SAM or MSM (Any one of them). SAM is a safe medication. It is a cartilage protective drug and will help her improve some of the pain in osteoarthritis.

For osteoarthritis: you have to remember that these medications like free flex, collagen peptides, SAM and MSM are like to help to nourish cartilage and provide some relief. They do not actually replenish the cartilage. I normally advise to take these cartilage supplements for a period of 3 months and gap of 6 months and again restart them.

Just check the medication freeflex might contain MSM. Regarding osteopenia, I advise her to continue calcium and consult local orthopaedic surgeon if he can help her with some medications that can build up calcium.

If her mobility is restricted, then better to get an x-ray and check the current stage of osteoarthritis and depending on it, we can suggest further treatment.

Consult an orthopaedician online --> https://www.icliniq.com/ask-a-doctor-online/orthopaedician-and-traumatologist

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