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About "Orthopedician and Traumatology"

An Orthopedic and Traumatology specialist is a doctor who has been trained specifically to take care of fractured or broken bones and other conditions related to them like malunion, etc. Starting from a mild injury to a major fracture including multiple traumas, they take the lead in diagnosing and taking care of them. When you have a trauma related to the bone like the hip injury, elbow fracture, etc., and its associated muscular structures, you will be referred to them. They, along with clinical examination, will perform certain radiographic examinations to confirm the site, extent, and severity of the injury and the treatment needed for the same. The treatment provided by them includes bone plating, POP cast, etc., along with certain daily life instructions. Nowadays, online medical platforms have made it easy to consult the doctor easily to get details about your problem related to bones by sharing your images, reports and giving details about the condition.

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