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Are my symptoms due to the infected wound or COVID-19?


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Dr. Sneha Kannan

Published At August 16, 2020
Reviewed AtJanuary 22, 2024

Patient's Query

Hi doctor,

A couple of weeks ago I had a wasp bite on my sole, and for the next two days, I had a hard time walking. The pain was gone after that two days. Then after about a week, it became so bad that the tiny swelling became a wound, and it got infected. I tried my best to clean it twice a day, put iodine and a bandaid over it (because it was leaking). Then about ten days ago, I got a mosquito bite. It started with one bite on the lateral side of my left leg that I scratched so much that it became a wound. Then after a day or so was on the inner and lower right leg. I cleaned it with iodine and then applied a band-aid. About three days ago, my mother applied Canesten cream (Clotrimazole) and told me to do it as frequently. So I did, and that dried up most of my wounds and reduced the swelling a lot.

I am not sure if it is related. A few days back, we went to the city with a mask. I had to stay at my brother’s rice stall because I had an online class. Because of the heat, I had to remove the mask. I never left my brother’s stall until it was time to go home, and while going back, I wore my mask back.

Yesterday I woke up with a fever and swollen tonsils. I took a tablet of Saridon (Paracetamol), it did not help, but after a quick nap, I felt better. I did not feel cold, nor was I hot. I asked people to check me (we do not have a thermometer). Then at 3 AM, I woke up with a painful throat. No matter how much I drank water, I got up to pee twice, and my teeth were clattering the way back up. I do not know if I am diabetic or the infection has spread, or I have COVID, or was it because of the cold beverage I drank while I was in the stall. I asked my mom to get me to a doctor today, but she worried I would be isolated immediately, so I came here. I hope you can help.


Welcome to icliniq.com.

There is less chance of diabetes at this young age, but your wounds not healing may be due to insect bite allergy. If you have a family history of diabetes, then get the blood sugar levels checked.

COVID or another viral pharyngitis with lymphadenopathy or malaria or tick bite fever may also present with fever with throat pain. But in COVID cases, there is a much chance to get a loss of smell and taste. But any way drink warm water regularly. Use saltwater gargling thrice a day for five days. Avoid cool drinks and ice creams.

I suggest you take Amoxicillin and Clavulanic acid 625 mg thrice a day for five days. Use tablet Paracetamol 650 mg thrice a day for five days.

Get it done

1) COVID PCR (polymerase chain reaction).

2) Complete blood picture.

3) Weil Felix test.

4) Peripheral smear study.

5) Blood sugar levels.

6) Absolute eosinophil count.

7) Total bilirubin levels.

Drink plenty of liquids, use Mupirocin ointment twice a day for five days at the wound site. Get TT (tetanus vaccine) to avoid developing tetanus. If you developed an allergy to the above medication, stop immediately and consult with your doctor nearby.

Please do not neglect, as early as possible, get it done above investigations and post me or consult with your physician he will examine and treat you accordingly.

Patient's Query

Hi doctor,

Thank you.

Can you suggest some medication? Unfortunately, we do not live in the city. Therefore, we do not have a pharmacy around.


Welcome back to icliniq.com.

I suggest you the following medication:

1) Injection TT 0.5 ml. Get it done by a doctor.

2) Tablet Amoxicillin with Clavulanic acid 625 mg twice a day after food (every twelfth hourly) for five days.

3) Tablet Paracetamol 650 mg thrice a day for five days after food.

4) Ointment Mupirocin 2% apply locally twice a day for one week.

5) Tablet Levocarnitine 5 mg twice a day after food for five days (if you suffer from itching).

If you have any allergies to the above drugs, please consult with your physician. He will examine and treat you accordingly.

Patient's Query

Hi doctor,

Thank you.

Amoxiclav is not available in the city. We have Erythromycin 500 mg available in my town. Would the dosage be the same if I switch? And if it is okay as well?


Welcome back to icliniq.com.

I suggest you may use Cefpodoxime with Clavulanic acid 200 twice a day for five days.

If Cefpodoxime not available, then you can take Dicloxacillin (Amoxicillin with Cloxacillin) twice a day after food.

Patient's Query

Hi doctor,

Thank you.


Welcome back to icliniq.com.

Do not panic and follow the instruction. Feel free to ask if you have any doubts.

Same symptoms don't mean you have the same problem. Consult a doctor now!

Dr. Penchilaprasad Kandikattu
Dr. Penchilaprasad Kandikattu

Internal Medicine

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