Q. What is the reason for abnormal weight gain in a 10-year-old kid?

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Dr. Mahmoud Ahmed Abelrahman Abouibrahim
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Hello doctor,

My son is 10 years 5 months old and is gaining weight. I feel it is more than normal. Thyroid test has been done. He is fully healthy and has food normally.

Dr. Mahmoud Ahmed Abelrahman Abouibrahim

General Medicine Internal Medicine


Welcome to icliniq.com.

I understand all your concerns.

I have checked the attached report (attachment removed to protect patient identity). The values point to the state of hypothyroidism. Please revise with me if he has any symptoms like cold intolerance, constipation, low heartbeats or over sleepiness. In case of confirmed diagnosis of hypothyroidism, hormone replacement is required in order to control the symptoms. Wish him all well-being.

Thank you doctor,

Can it affect the height gain in the coming years? He seems to be lazy. However, sleep is normal and no other symptoms as you mentioned. He is not interested in physical activities or sports.

Dr. Mahmoud Ahmed Abelrahman Abouibrahim

General Medicine Internal Medicine


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Thanks for your follow up.

We have three positive findings. One laboratory and two symptoms. So your son has hypothyroidism which means that his thyroid gland is not forming enough thyroid hormones responsible for body metabolism. Thyroid hormones deficiency is not responsible for the growth, so, less likely to cause short stature directly but as I said the whole body metabolism will be affected so the height could be affected indirectly over time if not corrected.

We start with 25 mcg Levothyroxine tablet per day for one week then 50 mcg Levothyroxine tablet per day and repeat TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone) level after one month and dose can be altered accordingly. The dose has been calculated according to the body weight (40 kg). Medical follow up is required. Please let me know if you have any further questions or concerns.

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