Q. What is the reason for the white and itchy areas on the penis?

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Dr. Sreelakshmi S
and medically reviewed by Dr. Nithila A

Hello doctor,

My the testicular area is white and itchy. Similarly, the penis has a slight black color. Itching and rashes on the umbilical side. Hair loss can be overwhelming.

Dr. Sreelakshmi S

Dermatology Venereology


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The itching and discoloration on your scrotum and penis may be due to fungal infection. But it could also be due to another condition called scrotal dermatitis. The first and most important thing is to wear undergarments that are loose to allow air circulations. Keep the area dry always. Do not use too much soap or other antiseptics. Use Candid solution at night time and let it dry. You can use the Candid solution in the umbilical area also.

Take a single dose of Fluconazole 150 mg tablet. If your symptoms show no improvement in two weeks, we can consider other treatment options. I would recommend you to upload photos of rashes in your genital area and umbilical area protecting your privacy, which will help me to get a more clear picture. Regarding hair loss, I would like to know your family history of male pattern baldness. You can use Mintop (Minoxidil 5 %) solution every day. Falli hair tablet is a multivitamin tablet to help you from hair loss. If you have to scale on your scalp, use Triclenz shampoo twice a week. Follow up after two weeks or whenever needed. We can consider necessary lab tests then.

Differential diagnosis:

Fungal infection.

Treatment plan:

1. Candid Solution 1 % two to three drops night time.
2. Tablet Flucanzole 150 mg single dose.
3. Folli hair tablet one per day.
4. Triclenz shampoo.
5. Mintop solution 5 %.

Preventive measures:

Wear loose clothes and keep the area dry.

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