What Is Homosexuality?
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Homosexuality is a sexual preference for partners of one's own gender. A homosexual is an ordinary person in every aspect with differences in sexual preference. This article is to acquaint people with homosexuality.


What Is Homosexuality?

Homosexuality can be found in nearly every society around the world and has been documented in many ancient societies throughout history. Homosexuality has been a significant part of human sexual activity ever since the dawn of history, primarily because it is an expression of capacities that are basic in human beings.

Both males and females can be homosexuals. Male homosexuals are termed "gay," and female homosexuals are termed "lesbians."

What Are the Types of Sexual Orientation?

To what gender you are attracted to determines your sexual orientation or sexuality. There are five types of sexual orientation.

If you are sexually attracted to the opposite gender, you are heterosexual, and if you are sexually attracted to the same gender, you are homosexual. Having feelings, sex, and sexual attraction with people of the same gender does not make you homosexual. It is said that sexual preferences may or may not change over a lifetime and that people prefer to experiment with sexual experiences and sexuality.

What Is Gender Identity?

While sexual orientation describes you based on which gender you are sexually attracted to, gender identity describes you based on what you feel your gender is. You may feel as male or female or both or none irrespective of the genitals you were assigned to since your birth.

Kinsey Scale:

Dr. Alfred C Kinsey devised a seven-point scale that shows the full range of human sexual preference.

One end of the scale was where people were exclusively heterosexual throughout their lives, and the opposite end was where people were exclusively homosexual. In between these two extremes lay the vast and varied area of individuals who did not precisely fit into either category. This in-between group was ranging from people who had one brief homosexual or heterosexual encounter to those who were equally content with male or female partners, bisexual. Among men, around 4 percent of adult men are thought to be exclusively homosexuals. Homosexuality is accepted as a normal variation like left-handedness.

What Are the Causes of Homosexuality?

  • Nobody really knows what causes homosexuality. Are they just born that way, or is nature involved? There is no firm answer yet.

  • Some neuroscientists believe that a cluster of the hypothalamus in the brain is missing in homosexuals. Some say that there may be a genetic component responsible for sexual preference. A few scientists have found a responsible gene on the X sex chromosome.

  • Theories of childhood attachment to one or the other parent, theories of fixation at some infantile level of sexual development are not supported by scientific research.

  • Perhaps, Freud should be given the last word in all this. He once wrote, "Homosexuality cannot be classified as an illness; we consider it to be a variation of the sexual development."

Is Homosexuality Normal?

  • A homosexual is an ordinary person in every aspect of his or her life.

  • It is not possible to recognize homosexuality by a person's external appearance as it is not a physical defect or mental disorder. Homosexuals have similar behavior to heterosexuals.

  • A homosexual may find it difficult to get a permanent partner. They may not be able to declare and move openly with their partner.

  • A homosexual can get STD (sexually transmitted disease), HIV infection (human immunodeficiency virus), or hepatitis if they go on changing their partner.

  • Though homosexuality is normal, people still are apprehensive towards this particular sexual orientation. People who fear homosexuals are homophobic people. Such heterosexual people tend to judge, discriminate, bully, and attack people of other sexual orientations, which is not correct.

Are Homosexuals Transpeople?

Homosexuality is a sexual preference, while the term transgender is linked to their gender identity. Both are different terms. If someone was born male or female and if they feel they do not belong to the gender they were during their birth, or they belong to neither genders or belong both genders, they are termed, transgender people. A transgender person can be homosexual, heterosexual, bisexual, pansexual, or asexual.

Should Homosexuality Be Treated?

Homosexuality is not a disease or disorder that needs treatment. It is just another sexual orientation as heterosexuality. But since a majority of the population worldwide are heterosexuals, it was thought to be the only sexual orientation on the planet that was legally and conscientiously correct.

What Should People Know About Homosexuals?

Homosexuality is just a gender preference. How different people have and accept different preferences similarly homosexuality is an individual preference to a sexual partner of the same gender. How people respect other people's choices, understand them, and do not interfere with their likes and dislikes similar should be the attitude towards homosexuals too. Some people and societies accept and understand homosexual people without any bias, while most of them do not. Hatred towards homosexuals and LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer) communities do exist. Such discrimination should be discouraged.

If Homosexuality Is Normal, Then Why Are There Not Many Homosexuals?

The awareness about homosexuality is not widespread and is not given importance right from the schools. Many communities consider it taboo. But it is not so. Children should be educated about LGBTQ similar to heterosexual relationships and sex. Most national surveys do not include questions about homosexuality making it difficult to achieve the original numbers. And even if someone is a homosexual, they are afraid to come out (declare they are homosexuals) due to the fear of societal rejection. As a result, heterosexuality becomes the majority.


Homosexuality is not a sin nor a mental disorder. It is a way of living; just like how you choose to live, it is how homosexuals choose to live. It is not their choice, but by default, they prefer people of the same gender without any reason. If you are a homosexual person and need help coming out, talk to our doctors privately.

Frequently Asked Questions


What Is It Called When One Is Attracted to Masculinity?

It is absolutely normal for a female to be attracted to masculinity. On the other hand, if a male is attracted to a male, it is not seen in accordance with society, and this condition is called homosexuality. A person who is highly attracted to masculine features regardless of gender is called an androsexual. A male attracted to another male is termed homosexual or gay.


Can One Be Straight and Demisexual?

Yes, it is possible for a person to be straight as well as demisexual. A person who is attracted to the opposite gender is called straight. On the other hand, a demisexual person is one who is attracted to any gender only after a strong emotional connection. Demisexuals, initially, may not be sexually attracted to the individual, which then might develop over time.


What Is Aporagender?

Aporagender refers to a non-binary gender and is an umbrella term where a person identifies themselves as not having any experience that is similar to a male, female, or a combination of both. They identify themselves as nonbinary and every identification in between while still having a strong sense of gender.


What Are the 11 Kinds of Sexualities?

Dethroning the historical perception of sex-based gender identity and sexual preference, sexuality is a very diverse choice. Gender is a spectrum and is represented by LGBTQIA+. The various forms of sexuality are:
- Lesbian.
- Bisexual.
- Pansexual.
- Gay.
- Asexual. 
- Allosexual. 
- Heterosexual.
- Homosexual. 
- Monosexual.
- Polysexual. 
- Queer.


Can Asexuality Be Treated?

When a person does not feel attracted to sexual contact or does feel sexually aroused, they can be termed as an asexual individual. Asexuality is a condition that cannot be treated. Asexuality can be explained as the condition where a person is not sexually attracted to any gender, neither a female nor a male.


Is Hypersexuality a Sign of PTSD?

PTSD refers to post-traumatic stress disorder. It refers to a failure to recover from a traumatic event even after several therapies and management strategies. Hypersexuality has been studied extensively and can be said to be a sign of PTSD.


How Are Intersex Born?

Intersex individuals are born with discrepancies with external and internal genitalia. 
For example, a female fetus, when exposed to male hormones before birth, may be born intersex. Additionally, intersex can be any gender or non-binary gender, such as a male, female, or a combination of both.


Can an Intersex Have a Baby?

If an intersex is a female and has a uterus, the intersex has the capability to conceive a child. In addition to this, the intersex individual must have active ovaries as well, and then the intersex can have a baby.

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