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Homosexuality is a sexual preference for partners of one’s own gender. A homosexual is a normal person in every aspect except for his sexual preference. This article is to acquaint people about homosexuality.

Homosexuality can be found in nearly every society around the world and has been documented in many ancient societies throughout history. Homosexuality has been a significant part of human sexual activity ever since the dawn of history primarily, because it is an expression of capacities that are basic in humanbeings.

Kinsey Scale:

Dr Alfred C Kinsey devised a seven-point scale that shows the full range of human sexual preference.

One end of the scale was where people who were exclusively heterosexual throughout their lives and the opposite end, those who were exclusively homosexual. In between these two extremes lay the vast and varied gray area of individuals who did not precisely fit into either category. This in-between group was ranging from people who had one brief homosexual or heterosexual encounter to those who were equally content with male or female partners, bisexual. Among men, around 4 percent of adult men are thought to be exclusively homosexuals. This is accepted as a normal variation like left handedness.

Causes of Homosexuality:

  • Nobody really knows what causes homosexuality. Are they just born that way or nature involved? There is no firm answer yet.
  • Some neuroscientists believe that a cluster of the hypothalamus in the brain is missing in the homosexuals. Some say that there may be genetic component responsible for sexual preference. Some scientists have found a responsible gene on X sex chromosome.
  • Theories of childhood attachment to one or the other parent, theories of fixation at some infantile level of sexual development are not supported by scientific research.
  • Perhaps, Freud should be given the last word in all this. He once wrote, ‘’Homosexuality cannot be classified as an illness; we consider it to be a variation of the sexual development.’’


  • A homosexual is a normal person in every aspect of his or her life.
  • It is not possible to identify a homosexual by his external appearance. Homosexuals have a normal behavior.
  • A homosexual may find it difficult to get a permanent partner. He may not be able to declare and move openly with his partner.
  • A homosexual can get STD (sexually transmitted disease), HIV infection (Human immunodeficiency virus) or hepatitis if he goes on changing his partner.
  • If homosexual activity is detected in an open place, then he may be mugged by the public.


Not all homosexuals can be changed to heterosexual functioning by therapy. Attempts have been made to convert homosexuals to heterosexuals, but were found to be futile. Effective treatment is often possible with homosexuals who are highly motivated and desire such a change.

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