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Anti-Aging Skin Care

Published on May 18, 2019 and last reviewed on Nov 07, 2019   -  5 min read


This article describes the process of aging and helps you understand the various causes of premature aging and ways you can avoid it

Anti-Aging Skin Care

'How old are you?' she asked.

'I'm forty years young,' he replied, a smug smile on his face.

That cheesy line is from a novel I read sometime back. Most of us want to stay young. However, that seldom happens. So we strive for the next best alternative - feel and look young.

When it comes to looks, as we age, the skin in our face begins to breakdown and signs of aging start to show. The things we neglect in our 20s starts showing up on our face as we enter our 40s and 50s. Before discussing anti-aging treatments, let us see the causes and early signs of aging.

What Causes the Skin to Age?

For the skin to remain healthy and young looking, it needs collagen and elastin. With age, the body struggles to produce enough collagen and elastin to maintain healthy skin, which results in wrinkles and makes the skin thinner and dryer.

Skin gets damaged from exposure to sun’s UV rays, which gets accumulated over time and results in fine lines, dark spots, dullness, and other signs of aging. Smoking quickens the aging process, and alcohol dehydrates and damages the skin. Consuming food that contains a lot of sugar and carbohydrate accelerates aging.

What Are the Signs of Aging Skin?

The most common changes seen on the face skin are:


What Are the Anti-Aging Treatment Options?

1) Anti-Aging Creams:

Anti-aging cream contains moisturizers and other ingredients like:

2) Chemical Peels:

Chemical peels, otherwise called derma-peeling or chemexfoliation, uses chemical solutions to remove the outer layers of the skin. The skin that is formed is smooth and younger-looking. The chemicals used are AHAs, BHA, and retinoic acid.

3) Dermabrasion:

In this treatment, a rapidly rotating brush is used, which removes the surface layer of the skin. After the procedure, the new skin that is formed is smooth and wrinkle-free.

4) Microdermabrasion:

The skin is sandblasted with aluminum-oxide crystals using vacuum suction. Unlike dermabrasion, only a very fine layer of the skin is removed.

5) Fillers:

For quick results, soft tissue fillers are injected into the skin to give it more volume and to remove wrinkles and fine lines. The fillers commonly used are:

6) Laser-resurfacing:

Here, laser beams are used to breakdown the outer layer of the skin, and the heat to the underlying tissue stimulates the growth of collagen. After a few sittings, the skin becomes firmer and fresh.

7) Face Lift:

It is a surgical procedure, where excess skin and fat is removed.

What Are the Ways to Reduce Premature Skin Aging?

Follow these tips to prevent premature aging:

If you already have signs of premature aging, a few changes in your lifestyle can help you. To know more about anti-aging treatments, book real-time video consultations with professionally trained dermatologists online.


Frequently Asked Questions


How Do I Select the Best Anti-Aging Cream?

You can follow the following tips while selecting an anti-aging cream.
- Sunscreen lotions and moisturizers have the best anti-aging property. Choose a sunscreen lotion with SPF 30.
- Buy a cream that would suit your skin type. You can get help from your dermatologist for this.
- It is good and safe to choose a product that does not cause any allergic reactions.


What Anti-Aging Products Do Dermatologists Advise?

The dermatologists recommend an anti-aging product that would have the following ingredients:
- Retinols.
- Vitamin C.
- Hyaluronic acid.
- Salicylic acid.
- Caffeine.
The brand name might vary according to the availability and recommendations of the dermatologists.


How Do I Stop My Face From Aging?

The below tips can help your face from aging:
- Use a sunscreen lotion when you prefer to go outdoors.
- Avoid smoking and alcohol as it can provide you an aged look.
- A self-tanner can help you stay safe from harmful ultraviolet rays.
- If you are sweating too much, you need to wash your face with gentle soaps.
- It is good to avoid several facials as the creams used in the facial might not be suitable for repetitive usage.
- Vaseline can be used as a preventive option for slowing down the process of aging.


Which Anti-Aging Creams Actually Work?

The anti-aging creams are totally based on an individual's preference. The recommended cream that is suitable for one person might not be favorable for another as the skin type might vary from one person to another. It is better to get advice from a dermatologist to avoid complications like rashes and skin allergies. It is also essential for you to inform the doctor about your medical history so that they can recommend appropriate creams.


How Can I Tighten My Facial Skin?

Collagen-based facial creams can help in tightening the skin. Collagen will help in maintaining the elasticity of the skin. It also maintains the skin in a soft texture. Creams containing vitamin C can also help in this purpose. Lotions and creams that contain lactic acid can help in reducing the wrinkles on the face.


At What Age Does Your Face Start Changing the Most?

In some people, an aged look approaches during the later part of 60 years. But in some, wrinkles and sagging muscles can be noted in the early times of 40 years. The process of aging is more pronounced in women as a natural metabolic phenomenon. In most cases, it is not possible to note down when the aging starts as it is a progressive process.


What Makes a Woman's Face Look Older?

There is a tendency of the body's metabolism to show a more aged look for women than men. The loss of tonicity of the muscle is the main reason for an aged look in both men and women. This muscular tonicity is lost at a greater rate in females. This is particularly noted in 50-60 years of age.


At What Age Does a Girl Look Most Beautiful?

A survey from the United States of America suggests that both men and women are attractive during their thirties. Another study suggests that women are very beautiful and attractive during the age of 20-25. However, a young and attractive look depends on the physical fitness and diet pattern of the individual.


What Facial Features Make You Look Younger?

A few facial features can make a person look younger. They are:
- A full-face with good volume.
- A neckline that is very firm.
- Smooth and clear skin.
- Prominent and high cheekbones.
- Higher facial contrast.
- Fuller lips.


Can You Reverse the Aging Process?

Yes, it is possible to reverse the aging process. Foods like blueberries, papaya, spinach, and red bell pepper are known to provide nourishment to the body. This will give a glowing skin. In addition to this, a healthy and well-balanced diet can help in the premature aging of the skin. Regular exercises can slow the aging process.


What Foods Help in Fighting the Aging Process?

Foods that help to fight against the aging process are:
- Watercress.
- Papaya.
- Red bell pepper. They are filled with antioxidants that control aging.
- Broccoli.
- Blueberries.
- Nuts.
- Spinach.
- Avocado.


What Really Works on Wrinkles?

Natural home remedies are beneficial in removing wrinkles. Applying coconut oil and sunscreen lotions provide better results. Certain lifestyle changes like avoiding cigarettes and alcohol, would help. It is recommended to consume lemon balm leaf tea and foods that are rich in beta carotene.


What Should I Avoid to Look Younger?

It is necessary to avoid the below-mentioned factors to look young.
- Smoking.
- Alcohol.
- Junk foods.
- Repetitive washing of the face.
- Multiple facial appointments.
- Oily foods.
- Excessive exposure to the sun.
- Sleeping on your side.


What Vitamin Makes You Look Younger?

Vitamin D plays a vital role in providing a youthful appearance to the skin. In addition to this, vitamin C, E, and K are also helpful in maintaining healthy skin. It is possible to easily get vitamin D supplementation by standing in the sunlight for 10 to 15 minutes.


How Can I Stop My Face From Aging Naturally?

Keeping your skin moist and hydrated all the time will prevent drying and adds moisture to the skin. Use coconut oil for hydrating the skin. Eat fish regularly as it can provide a shiny appearance to the skin. You can also drink fruit juices as it helps in maintaining the muscle tone.


What Juice Is Good for Wrinkles?

Beetroot juice is one of the excellent natural remedies to prevent aging of the skin and wrinkles. It is rich in vitamin A, carotenoids, and folate. This helps in increasing blood circulation throughout the skin. As a result, wrinkles in the skin can be prevented.


Which Juice Improves the Skin Tone?

Carrot juice is the best option for improving skin tone. The vitamin A present in the carrot helps in preventing pigmentation and irregular skin tone. Wrinkles can be prevented by consuming beetroot juice. In addition to this, a red apple smoothie can also help in maintaining good tonicity of the muscle.


What Can I Drink to Make My Skin Glow?

Below mentioned juices are most recommended to make your skin glow.
- Beetroot.
- Carrot.
- Pomegranate.
- Green apple.
- Cherry juice.
- Cucumber.
- Papaya.
- Aloe vera.
- Lemon.

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