What Is Buttock Lift Surgery?
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Buttock Lift Surgery - Procedure and Benefits

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Buttock lift surgery is a cosmetic procedure done to recontour the butt. Read the article below to learn more about the process.


Buttock lift surgery is a cosmetic procedure to enhance the shape and contour of the butt. As the individual ages, the skin around the butt tends to sag and become loose. A butt lift surgery helps to remove excess skin and reshape the butt. In a few individuals, buttock lift surgery enhances the volume and makes it more curvy and proportionate.

Who Are Potential Candidates For Buttock Lift Surgery?

  • Individuals have sagging, loose skin around their gluteal or butt region.

  • An individual's butt seems saggy, floppy, or flat due to weight loss, pregnancy, or aging.

  • Those with discomfort or mobility issues result from extra body fat or skin.

  • Individuals prefer a more balanced appearance because their butt is too small or too wide for the body frame.

  • Individuals desire to have more curves because the form of their butt is too flat or square.

  • Swimwear and clothing do not fit the figure well.

What Are the Benefits of Buttock Lift Surgery?

  • Become more toned and supplied in the butt region.

  • Reduce any discomfort brought on by extra skin.

  • Enhance the projection and contour of the butt.

  • Obtain a more balanced physique.

  • Add volume to the butt (using a Brazilian butt lift) for a more sculpted appearance.

  • Become more comfortable and confident in swimwear.

  • To create a more youthful appearance of the butt along with improved self-image and confidence of the individual.

What Are the Pre-operative Preparations for Buttock Lift Surgery?

  • Before performing the surgery, a plastic surgeon will evaluate the patient.

  • Patients' overall health and medical history are checked thoroughly to rule out systemic illness and drug allergies.

  • Patients are advised to stop certain medications such as blood thinners like Aspirin, Clopidogrel, and anti-inflammatory drugs before the surgery to prevent excess bleeding.

  • Habits such as smoking should be avoided one week before and after surgery until complete healing is achieved.

  • Maintaining a proper healthy diet is essential for sound healing.

  • Patients are advised to maintain a stable weight for at least six months before surgery, as weight fluctuations can alter the results.

  • Surgeons may take pre-operative photographs to examine the butt region and improve the areas which require treatment.

  • Also, pre-operative photographs help to evaluate the difference in the appearance of the butt after the surgery.

  • Surgeons will discuss different buttock lift surgeries, procedures, and the outcome of the results.

  • The recovery time may be longer than expected as there is continuous usage of the butt in walking, running, sitting, and even standing.

How Is Buttock Lift Surgery Done?


  • The procedure is done under general anesthesia.

  • The surgery may take one to two hours, depending on the patient's requirements.

  • It is essential to have a person to accompany the patient during the procedure; the patient may need to stay overnight in the hospital.


The surgeon will discuss different treatment options and choose the best treatment necessary according to the patient's requirements.

Standard Procedure

This procedure is recommended for excessive loose skin due to aging or rapid weight loss. This procedure helps to recontour the butt, depending on the area. These include

  • Upper-Buttock Lift: This is a preferred technique when the excess skin is substantial and is frequent due to significant weight loss after physical activity or dieting. Here, the incision is made along the shape of the upper buttock.

  • Lateral Buttock Lift: This is preferred when there is moderate butt sagging on the side. Here, a small incision is placed in the hip and buttock juncture.

  • Butterfly Buttock Lift: This technique is preferred when mild to moderate central butt sagging is present. In this instance, the incision is made along the side-extending gluteal crease.

  • Lower Buttock Lift: It is preferred to use this technique to add a new fold and address moderate buttock sagging.

Brazilian Buttock Lift Surgery

  • This surgery is performed when the patient requires more volume in the butt region.

  • For this procedure, the surgeon removes the fat from the regions with excess fat.

  • These include areas with excess tissue, such as the belly, hips, back, or thighs; the surgeon will perform liposuction using suction tubes (cannulas).

  • The fat is then prepared for fat transfer by the surgeon, who uses syringes attached to cannulas to re-inject it into the butt cheeks.

  • To inject the fat, there are often three to five small incisions. However, these incision sites are readily covered by clothing.

  • The surgeon will utilize the fat to remodel and augment the buttocks region by grafting it in various layers and sliding the cannula back and forth to ensure a smooth, linear deposit of fatty tissue.

  • The surgeon inserts drain stitches and the incisions made during the liposuction procedure and puts the patient in a compression garment.

Butt Implants

  • The doctor may suggest butt implants if patients want a more rounded appearance and are very thin with little extra fat.

  • A soft, contoured silicone implant is inserted during this operation through an incision concealed inside the buttock crease or another incision site.

  • During the consultation, the surgeon will go into further detail about possible incision sites. The implant is positioned in a pocket above the pelvic bone and beneath the gluteal muscle, a big muscle in the buttocks.

  • The surgeon will place drains, cover the incisions with sutures, and outfit the patient in a compression garment.

What Are the Precautions to be taken by the Patient After Buttock Lift Surgery?

  • Patients might have swelling and pain and be unable to stand fully for a few days, which is temporary.

  • Patients are advised to lie on their stomachs and avoid sitting or exerting pressure on the butt.

  • Patients can stroll on the second postoperative day to avoid blood clots.

  • Proper diet and nutrition are necessary for better healing.

  • As the surgeon recommends, smoking should be avoided at least one month before and two weeks after the procedure.

  • Drain tubes will be placed after the surgery, and the doctor will show how to empty the drains. Drains are usually removed after three to fourteen days.

  • Avoid strenuous activities like bending and physical activity for three to six months.

  • Care must be taken not to give excessive force or motion to surgical incisions during healing.

  • Standard butt lift and butt implants usually take two to three weeks to recover, whereas Brazilian butt lift takes 14 days.

  • Medications should be followed as suggested by the doctor.

  • Comfortable and loose clothing should be preferred till the healing is satisfactory.

  • Supportive elastic garments should be worn for at least six to eight weeks. This will help prevent fluid buildup and aid in tightening the butt.

  • Regular follow-up checks up must be scheduled as suggested by the doctor.

  • It takes nearly six months to appreciate the results.

What Are the Complications of Buttock Lift Surgery?

  • Wound infection for which antibiotic treatment may be necessary discomfort near the incision sites.

  • Hematoma (a collection of blood around the surgical area that may require drainage).

  • Numbness around operated sites is typically temporary and will disappear over several months.

  • Excess fluid accumulation under the skin (seroma) around an operated area.

  • Fat necrosis (death of fat cells below the skin).

  • Asymmetry or unevenness of the butt.

  • Allergic reactions due to general anesthesia.

  • Damage to underlying tissue.


Butt lifts produce long-lasting effects. As with most body sculpting procedures, changes in weight, pregnancy, and age will adversely affect the body, stretching the skin and resulting in the failure of butt lift surgery. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and constant weight will help the patient to enjoy the long-lasting results of buttock lift surgery and have a young and youthful shape of the butt.

Frequently Asked Questions


What Is the Surgery to Lift the Buttocks?

Buttock augmentation surgery improves the buttocks' size, contour, and shape. Surgery to lift the buttocks improves the underlying tissue tone in the buttocks. The most commonly performed buttock enhancement procedure is the Brazilian butt lift.


How Much Does a Buttock Lift Surgery Cost in India?

The Brazilian butt lift procedure is done at an affordable cost in India. However, it is important to keep in mind that the cost of the procedure depends on multiple factors, such as the requirement for implants or injections.


How Long Do Butt Implants Last?

Silicone butt implants are safe and last for around ten years or more. However, an analogous fatty tissue graft can merge with the body's tissues, providing permanent results. Hence, one should choose the implant according to body type and lifestyle.


Is It Possible to Lift the Buttocks?

To lift the buttocks, a cosmetic surgery called buttocks augmentation can be done to improve the esthetics of the buttocks. This procedure may be performed with other cosmetic surgeries targeting the abdomen and thighs.


How Long Does It Take for Buttocks Lift Surgery?

The outcomes of a buttock lift surgery are typically noticeable immediately following the procedure. The complete results of the buttock lift procedure may require several months to become evident, depending on the technique employed. A buttock lift surgery typically lasts between two to three hours.


What Is the Injection for Bigger Buttocks?

Injectable butt lifts like Sculptra butt lifts and Brazilian butt lift use fat transfers and dermal fillers to enhance the shape of the buttocks, making them appear round and curvy. These injections are injected into the gluteus muscles of the buttocks to fill them with their materials.


What Is the Safest Procedure for Buttock Enhancement?

Autologous fat grafting is currently considered the gold standard procedure for buttock enhancement. The roller pump injection technique, a type of autologous fat grafting for buttock augmentation, is the safest and most efficient.


Does Fat Transfer to the Buttocks Last?

Fat grafting in any area of the body is generally an unpredictable procedure. However, fat transfer to the butt with the Brazilian butt lift procedure can last many years. In addition, fat cells removed with liposuction to the area will not return, and fat cells that survived the transfer to the buttocks will stay there for years. However, substantial weight fluctuations can impact the buttock lift results.


Does Walking Help Tighten the Buttocks?

Walking, as such, does not tone or enhance the buttocks. However, walking on an incline, such as on an inclined treadmill or a hill, can strengthen gluteus muscles in the buttocks. People desiring tightened buttocks can benefit from various cosmetic procedures of the buttocks, but they have certain risks.


What Causes Saggy Buttocks?

Saggy buttocks are generally the result of poor muscle tone and excess fat in the buttocks. As weaker butt muscles can lead to butt sagging by weighing it down instead of giving it a more defined and round shape. Moreover, excessive fat between the skin and the muscles can lead to lax, low-hanging tissue, further detracting from the buttocks' appearance.


Does Too Much Sitting Reduce the Buttocks?

Prolonged and frequent sitting can alter the contour of the buttocks. According to a study, MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) scans indicated a marked reduction in muscle thickness in certain buttock areas during loaded sitting due to muscle distortion and displacement. Furthermore, it also reported a change in muscle shape, particularly on the posterior side of the buttocks (posterior to the ischial tuberosity).


What Are the Adverse Effects of Buttock Injections?

Materials in buttock injections, such as hydrogel and silicone, could travel to other body parts, leading to granuloma (cluster of inflammatory cells). Other complications, such as infections, disfigurement, and scarring, can also occur. In rare cases, stroke can occur. There are also incidences of death from illegal injections by inexperienced providers as they may accidentally inject into blood vessels, causing the injection material to travel to the heart, which can be fatal.


What Are the Risks Associated With Buttock Implants?

The buttock implant surgery may put a person at risk for the following conditions:
 - Complications associated with anesthesia
 - Asymmetry in both buttocks.
 - Deep vein thrombosis causes heart and lung complications.
 - Bleeding under the tissue causing a hematoma.
 - Fat necrosis (death of fatty tissues).
 - Fluid accumulation.
 - Infection.
 - Numbness or changes in skin sensations.
 - Persistent pain.
 - Wound healing issues.
 - Skin discoloration.
 - Prolonged swelling
 - Unfavorable scarring


Is It Safe to Put Fat Inside the Buttocks?

Transferring fat in the buttocks from another part of the body is safe when an experienced board-certified plastic surgeon performs it. The initial step for butt fat injections, liposuction from another body part, is relatively safe. However, the second part is quite risky. Because if the butt injection is even a centimeter off, the needle punctures any blood vessel. It mistakenly transfers the fat to the heart, causing instant death. This is known as a fat embolism.


What Is the Good Shape of the Buttocks?

The common buttock shapes are round, square, heart, and inverted V-shaped. However, heart-shaped buttocks are popular among them, followed by round-shaped buttocks. However, the desired shape of the buttocks may vary from person to person, depending on their preferences.


What Are the Best Exercises for Women's Buttocks?

There are many exercises for the strengthening of buttocks muscles, including the followings:
 - Glute bridge.
 - Jumping squats.
 - Single-leg deadlift.
 - Clamshell.
 - Walking lunge.
 - Donkey kicks.
 - Banded side step.
 - Weight training.

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