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What are the medications available to heal ear drum perforation and improve hearing?


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Published At August 19, 2022
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Patient's Query

Hello doctor,

I have a history of sore throat and tonsil inflammation, irritation, occasional sneezing, and tiredness for the past two days. I do not have fever. My cousin who is a general physician suggested tablet Azithromycin 500mg for three days but missed the third day dose, so I took it on the fourth day. I have finished a three day course till now. I took Anti DNase B test which indicated a streptococcus infection. My throat symptoms seem to be improving but I have ear infection. It worsens on air and water exposure. So I use shower caps while bathing. Can a sore throat cause an ear infection? I have when I use Ciplox D drops.


Welcome to icliniq.com.

Sore throat can cause ear problems and infection due to an opening between the back of nose and throat called eustachian tube. Sore throat increases bacterial infection from nose and throat and results in ear infection. Continue your medications for three days continuously to get effective results. Your symptoms are suggestive of a perforation or hole in your ear drum. You must avoid water into the ear. Take a hearing test. If the hole is small it will heal on its own. If it is large, you will need a surgery. Some holes are safe and while some are unsafe. Unsafe holes will require drilling of bone behind the ear, mastoidectomy.

Patient's Query

Thank you doctor for the reply,

I will continue the tablets as you mentioned. I have had middle ear infection. What is the reason for my ear drum perforation? Is the hearing loss reversible? Are there any medications to heal the perforation? Just to check for a month. If I do not allow any water in the ear, will the hearing loss still continue? What else can aggravate the perforation? I have attached a report of the test for epstein barr virus and streptococcus A bacteria. Are they related to an ear infection? Ciplox D ear drops seems to make my problems worse. Should I continue it or stop it?


Welcome back to icliniq.com.

1) Ear perforation could be due to trauma caused by sticks or pens used to scratch the ear, or middle ear infection secondary to nose or throat infection produces pus through a perforation and the body tries to heal. If the perforation is large, immunity problem, or diabetes then healing may be impaired.

2) Conductive hearing loss can be reversed by treating the perforation and the middle ear infection. The condition of ear ossicles (small bones which produces sound in the middle ear) will have to be checked and repaired. Long standing middle ear infection and perforation makes the condition irreversible.

3) Medicines are used to keep the ear dry, reduce the secretions, and aids in healing. Cetirizine Loratidine, Chymoral Forte, and antibiotics are used to treat acute infections. Please provide information about your discharge, color, consistency, thickness, smell, quantity. I will suggest the medications accordingly. Infections are classified as safe and unsafe based on history, clinical findings,audiogram, and radiology. If you have any previous reports please send me. I could not find your attached reports.

4) Tap water will infect the ear. When ear gets infected, it starts discharging and cause blockage and hearing loss. If there is no contact with water, the body tries to close the perforation. However, hearing loss and buzzing sound will not improve unless the body heals the perforation fully. If the long standing perforation has destroyed ossicles it is unlikely that even after body heals the perforation, the hearing improves completely. If the ossicles are destroyed, hearing loss will remain even after the hole in the ear closes.

5) Viral infections initiates middle ear problem, then bacteria dominates. Did your doctor suggested you to take the tests?

6) Stop using Ciplox d as it worsens the problem.

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Dr. Shyam Kalyan. N
Dr. Shyam Kalyan. N

Otolaryngology (E.N.T)

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