Ruptured Eardrum

A hole or cut in the eardrum, the delicate tissue that isolates the middle ear and the ear canal, is called the ruptured eardrum or tympanic membrane perforation. Ear pain, mucus or blood drainage, tinnitus, hearing impairment, vertigo, nausea, and vomiting are the manifestations of the ruptured eardrum. If it does not heal within six months, it can lead to complications like loss of hearing, otitis media, and cholesteatoma.

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My eardrum got perforated due to earbud trauma. What to do?

Query: Hello doctor, My eardrum got perforated due to earbud trauma. According to the ENT, no treatment is requred except precaution (water should not go inside) to avoid infection. Some kind of low noise 'hush' comes in my ear with a little hearing issue (20 % lesser than my other ear). What to do and how...  Read Full »

Dr. Sagar Ramesh Makode

Answer: Hello, Welcome to Yes, he is right. Since it is a perforation by a clean mode, that is by earbuds, even antibiotics drops are not required at this moment. Just care to be taken to avoid infection, which most commonly occurs by water entering into the ear. Tympanic membrane injuries h...  Read Full »

When I try to unclog my ear, there is an air passing sound. Please suggest medicine.

Query: Hello doctor, I got a slap on my ear and then I also got a bump in my head. After that, when I try to unclog my ear, it gives me an air passing sound and there is a hearing loss also. Please suggest a medicine.  Read Full »

Dr. Subhadeep Karanjai

Answer: Hello, Welcome to  Read Full »

I have numbness and weakness of face after eardrum rupture. What to do?

Query: Hello doctor, 10 days ago, my left eardrum ruptured by my mistake. The doctor said that it will heal on its own in two weeks time. He did not prescribe any medicine. Now, from two days, there is numbness and weakness on the left side of my face. There is mild pain around the ear, jawline, backside o...  Read Full »

Dr. Subhadeep Karanjai

Answer: Hello, Welcome to You have said about numbness or weakness on the left side of your face. Is your mouth deviating towards the right side or your left eye not closing properly? If that is so, it may be a weakness of one of your nerves that supply the muscles of the face (the facial ner...  Read Full »

My eardrum burst after the flu. Should I wait or see the doctor?

Query: Hello doctor, I am 31 year old male. My eardrum burst after coming down with the flu. It has been leaking this watery bloody substance. This happened about four hours ago. I was in pain till it burst. Seems like all the pressure went away and was a huge relief. My question is do I let it heal on its...  Read Full »

Dr. Mashfika N Alam

Answer: Hello, Welcome to Small perforations of tympanic membrane heal on their own, particularly if traumatic. However, you say that it happened after a flu. You may need to see an otolaryngologist to determine if you have any infection in the middle ear. If otitis media is present you will ...  Read Full »

Can being slapped on the face cause ear trouble?

Query: Hello doctor, I was slapped on my face today. It has been three hours now but there has been no dizziness, severe pain or fluid flow. I played soccer on the beach and drove scooter over 10 km in between without any issues. All I feel now is a slight pain in my ear when I put my small finger inside t...  Read Full »

Dr. Mehak Agarwal

Answer: Hello, Welcome to You seem to be asymptomatic. Pain while putting finger can be due to mild edema of the external ear canal due to injury. Since you do not have any symptoms suggestive of middle ear involvement, I do not think you will have any problem in the future. But to be on th...  Read Full »

A pulp is seen in the ear after accidental eardrum damage. What is to be done?

Query: Hi doctor,Five days back, my son put a plastic stick into his ears and the membrane got damaged and blood came out. We went to the doctor immediately. He gave us Azithromycin to give the child and told us to keep his ear safe from air, water and, all other materials. He also told us to watch out for...  Read Full »

Dr. Fazil Shajahan

Answer: Hello, Welcome to Since there was damage to the membrane you need to be careful, it can cause a decrease in hearing if the damage does not heal properly or get infected. If pus is coming from the ear, kindly consult a nearby ENT doctor and take treatment for the infection. It can take ...  Read Full »

How to aid healing of ear perforation?

Query: Hi doctor,I have a perforated right ear for more than two years. I do not want surgery. Also antibiotics did not work. What are the best steps to be taken?  Read Full »

Dr. Shyam Kalyan. N

Answer: Hi, Welcome to An ear perforation (ruptured eardrum) can be safe or unsafe. An unsafe perforation has to be operated otherwise life is in danger. A safe perforation can be left unoperated and yet tried to achieve closure. If small perforation then body can heal it and close i...  Read Full »

I ruptured my ear drum a few years ago. Why does it hurt now?

Query: Hello doctor, Seven years ago, I ruptured my right eardrum. I recently went to my doctor because I lost some of my hearing, and I have been having pains in my right ear. My doctor told me that the ear drum healed but there is a lot of scarring on it. Why is my eardrum hurting if it is improved?  Read Full »

Dr. Surabhi Chopra

Answer: Hello, Welcome to 1) A ruptured eardrum, if not infected, is not a serious condition as it will usually heal by itself within 6 to 8 weeks. It is a skin-like structure, and it heals like a skin that is cut heals. In your case, you had a perforation in the eardrum seven years back, and...  Read Full »

What are the ear conditions that might require complete or partial removal of the inner and middle ear?

Query: Hello doctor, I just have a general theoretical question. This is not related to my medical history, I was just wondering in general. How much of the ear is it possible to completely remove? Both inner and outer ear. What kind of conditions requires this kind of an operation? What after effects can...  Read Full »

Dr. Shyam Kalyan. N

Answer: Hello, Welcome to In a surgery called radical mastoidectomy, we remove both inner and middle ear and occlude the canal. We do it in cases of malignancies of the ear, where you cannot remove the disease as well as preserve hearing. In earlier days, radical mastoidectomy was done for cho...  Read Full »

Can I get an ear infection after undergoing a tympanoplasty and a mastoidectomy?

Query: Hello doctor, I am having dizziness and fainting-like sensations along with intense itching in both the ears. I had my husband help me take photos with our otoscope I purchased online. The pictures with redness on them are my right ear, and the pictures without the redness and the yellow tube are my...  Read Full »

Dr. Ashok Kumar Srivastava

Answer: Hello, Welcome to I understand your concern. You are likely to have an acute labyrinthitis with acute inflammation of your right ear. If you had such attacks previously, then an examination and investigations of your concerned ear is a must to finalize the diagnosis for a proper mana...  Read Full »

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