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Ear Infection

The ear infection can affect the outer, middle, or inner ear leading to ear pain, discharge, blocked ears, tinnitus, the fullness of ears, improper hearing, etc. Recurring ear infections can lead to mild hearing loss. Antibiotic ear drops are used for their treatment. Sometimes eardrop with added local anesthesia solution might be required to relieve the pain.

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I have pain in my ear lobes when I put ear drops. Why?

Query: Hi doctor,I think I have a swimmer's ear. I have been swimming in the pool a lot, and am going for five days of swimming. I brought cotton swimmer's ear alcohol drops and ear plugs. But when I put the ear drops, it hurt when touched on the outside. When I wiggled my earlobe, it felt like fire for ab...  Read Full »

Dr. Aditi Gupta

Answer: Hi, I appreciate you signing up on You now have exclusive access to expert medical opinions. You seem to have encountered an ear infection that could be serious if left untreated without antibiotics. I recommend a course of Augmentin 625 (Amoxicillin 500 mg and Clavulanic acid 125 m...  Read Full »

My 2-year-old has moderate receptive delay and mild expressive delay. Please help.

Query: Hello doctor, My 2-year-old was diagnosed with a moderate receptive delay and a mild expressive delay. When he was around sixteen months, he could say thank you, stop, mama, daddy, and even his sister's name. At about nineteen months he was diagnosed with an ear infection. The infection was treated...  Read Full »

Dr. Suresh Kumar G D

Answer: Hello, Welcome to It is possible that ear infection or glue ear hampered your child's hearing which in turn could have impaired his normal speech and language development. With support, he will be able to catch up if everything else is normal. It is advisable to continue with speech a...  Read Full »

What should I do if my ear pain is getting worse?

Query: Hello doctor, I am a 37-year-old male, and my height is 5'11", and my weight is 196 pounds. I have terrible ear pain and deafness. I am currently Sertraline. My ear pain has been getting worse over the past four days. What should I do? Thank you.  Read Full »

Dr. Radha Peruvemba Hariharan

Answer: Hello, Welcome to Your symptoms are suggestive of a middle ear infection. There is the possibility of wax in the ear canal. Answer me the following questions Is there any discharge from the ear? Do you have a cold or nasal block? Until you consult an ENT (ear-nose-throat) for this iss...  Read Full »

I experience watery discharge with pain in the ears. Is this dangerous?

Query: Hello doctor, I would like to ask about my situation. Last night I decided to clean my ears using cotton buds, after hours I felt like my left ear did not function as how my right ear does. It has the same feeling when you got out of the water from the swimming pool as if there is a stucked water i...  Read Full »

Dr. Pruthvi Raju Uppalapati

Answer: Hello, Welcome to I understand your situation. Your symptoms are suggestive of an acute ear infection. Nothing to worry. Since you say your ear is discharging, follow these suggestions. 1. Visit an ENT doctor near you so that your ear can be visualized endoscopically and treated accordi...  Read Full »

What are the recommended tests for bronchitis in a baby?

Query: Hello doctor, In a 17-month-old female child. We keep treating the symptoms but not the overall problem of why these things keep happening. Hardly any tests have been ordered, and we are constantly just treating the symptoms. The problems are: Bronchitis, and right ear infection for which antibiotic...  Read Full »

Dr. Vinay. S. Bhat

Answer: Hello, Welcome to Thanks for the detailed history. The history which you have described basically shows that the child is suffering from repeated lower respiratory tract infection, which usually presents as cough, fever, breathlessness for which nebulization and antibiotics were given. ...  Read Full »

How to treat my respiratory tract infection presenting with an ear infection and perforated eardrum?

Query: Hi doctor, I was recently diagnosed with ear infection and a perforated eardrum. Initially, I was diagnosed with a viral respiratory infection and followed by ear infection in a two days. I have been taking antibiotics for three days now. I have a lot of fluid continuing to seep from my ear. How lon...  Read Full »

Dr. Shyam Kalyan. N

Answer: Hello, Welcome to It appears with your history that you are suffering from an upper respiratory tract infection that has complicated into an ear infection. Usually, once the antibiotic course starts, the problem should resolve within three to four days and completely by five to seven ...  Read Full »

My 5-year-old has ear pain. Please help.

Query: Hello doctor, My daughter is 5 years old. Last month, we noticed that she had pain in her right ear and the thing continued for three to four days. On 5th, we noticed lots of wax in her right ear. It seemed to be pus. So, we took her to an ear specialist. After diagnosis, the doctor told us that her...  Read Full »

Dr. Shyam Kalyan. N

Answer: Hello, Welcome to Ear infections in children are very common. Children have a straight and wide eustachian tube that helps throat microbes to reach the ear easily and cause infection. So whenever she has a chest infection or throat pain or cold or flu, there are chances that her ears wi...  Read Full »

Can ear fungal flakes be cured without medication?

Query: Hi doctor, I am having ear fungal flakes according to my doctor. I want to know how much time it will take to cure and what type of medication generally is prescribed in this condition? And can it be cured without medication? Please help.  Read Full »

Dr. Dheeraj Kumar Jonnalagadda

Answer: Hi, Welcome to The condition you are describing is called otomycosis. This is a curable condition in which topical antifungal drops have to be used along with the above medication. The mainstay of treatment is antibiotics, topical antifungal drops like Clotrin plus (Lidocaine and Clot...  Read Full »

I have pain in my left ear after trying to clean it. Why?

Query: Hi doctor, My left ear has been hurting since a week after I tried to clean it. I am hearing a loud beating sound in my left ear, like a heartbeat. I have never had any problems with my ear or ear canals or my overall health growing up. However, I decided to clean my left ear canal because I felt ...  Read Full »

Dr. Vandana Andrews

Answer: Hi, We welcome you to the family. I appreciate the confidence you place in me for your healthcare consultation. Based on your symptoms, you may have an ear infection or impacted earwax. The pain, throbbing, and hearing loss in your left ear could be signs of an infection, while the hea...  Read Full »

I have pain in my right ear because I scratched my ear canal. How can I manage it?

Query: Hi doctor, My right ear pains when I touch inside. There is no discharge, and I think I scratched my ear canal two days ago with my little finger. What should I do now?  Read Full »

Dr. Vinay. S. Bhat

Answer: Hi, Welcome to Tenderness while pressing in the outer part of the ear canal with a history of injury to the ear is suggestive of a condition known as ear furuncle. It is nothing but a boil in the ear canal. Treatment would include an antibiotic and a painkiller. The addition of an ear...  Read Full »

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