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How Important Are Our Teeth?

Published on May 29, 2019   -  2 min read


Our mouth is a part of our body, which plays an essential role in our health. Our body health is related to our mouth. Symptoms in the mouth indicate systemic conditions, problems in organs, etc.

How Important Are Our Teeth?

As we all know, what we eat and drink passes through the mouth to the body. Have you ever wondered what will happen if our mouth is not healthy? Here, the mouth means our teeth, tongue, and muscles in the mouth.

What Is a Cavity?

A cavity is a decayed portion of tooth or teeth which is caused by either food lodgement or by unhealthy habits. Mostly, sugar in our food causes cavities. Also, if some food is stuck or if we do not clean our teeth properly, it results in cavities.

Treatment - Maintaining good oral hygiene is the best answer to it. But, the question is how to maintain good oral health. Before I answer this, you must know what the treatments for cavities are. When you know there is a cavity in your teeth or say some food is stuck in your teeth, then it is the time to see your dentist. If the cavity is not deep, then the dentist will fill your teeth. But if the cavity is deep, then root canal treatment has to be done.

Our teeth play a main role in our look. We see people from many fields and departments who are very particular about their looks.

What If There Are No Teeth in the Mouth?

Imagine a beautiful actor or actress without teeth.

What Causes Yellow Teeth?

The smile is a symbol of confidence when it has teeth. Teeth are supposed to be white for many people, but some people have pale white or yellow teeth.

When we appear in public, people judge us with many things in our body like our hair, our shoes, our dress, our personality, but most importantly our teeth. We feel shy when our teeth are not perfect. We find it difficult to laugh when we know people judge.

Treatment - Visit a dentist and get your teeth cleaned. Also, take care of your teeth from the very beginning. Brush twice a day and use a good toothpaste. Keeping your teeth healthy will make your smile beautiful!

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