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How to Prevent Lifestyle Diseases?

Published on Sep 05, 2015 and last reviewed on Mar 09, 2021   -  4 min read


Lifestyle Diseases are obesity, hypertension, and diabetes. We may cause ourselves these diseases by many of our faulty lifestyle practices. This article discusses why we get these diseases and some easy ways to prevent or control them.

How to Prevent Lifestyle Diseases?


In the olden days, we had food scarcity and too much physical work. So obesity and lifestyle diseases were less among people. The agricultural revolution era came, and a smart public distribution system flourished. Food becomes abundant in such an economic world. It became impossible to change our habits, and we started eating more. Then came industrial developments and the opening up of markets. This article discusses the health issues created by various poor lifestyles and habits.

What Are the Various Unhealthy Lifestyle Patterns?

An unhealthy lifestyle can include the following:

What Are the Disadvantages of an Unhealthy Lifestyle?

An unhealthy lifestyle can lead to diseases like obesity, hypertension, and diabetes. Then came the medical era (the current period), when the above-mentioned incidences started growing out of proportion. Nowadays, we have started realizing that:

We have started seeing our parents, relatives, friends getting these diseases, and we have come to know that there is no escape since they lead a similar lifestyle. This is the awareness era. Now, the availability of resources like health magazines is changing people's minds to lead a healthy and fit life. Gaining awareness is the first step towards healthy living. Many awareness programs can be conducted to teach the public about healthy and suitable habits according to the region you live.

How to Lead a Healthy Lifestyle and Avoid Lifestyle Diseases?

What Is the Correct Eating Method?

The way of eating might vary according to one's tradition. But, there are certainly healthy ways one can adapt to overcome a wide range of medical health conditions.

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