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Excessive Throat Clearing should not be Neglected

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Published on Sep 02, 2014 and last reviewed on Sep 20, 2022   -  1 min read


This article discusses the lifestyle modifications to overcome Laryngopharyngeal Reflux Disease, a common cause for throat irritation

Excessive Throat Clearing should not be Neglected

If you are having frequent throat irritation that leads to excessive throat clearing with an occasional feeling of something stuck inside the throat, then you might have something called as Laryngopharyngeal Reflux Disease (LPRD).

It may also be associated with dry cough and roughness of your voice which may last for many weeks.

This problem occurs when acid from within the stomach travels upwards in the food pipe and causes irritation to your voice box and throat wall.

The recommended treatment is with proton pump inhibitors for a duration of 3 to 6 weeks in addition to a few important lifestyle modifications such as:

The cure for this condition requires a lot of patience and effort, especially from the patient. Medications are only helpful if taken for 3-6 weeks or more in a continuous manner. LPRD may take many weeks to resolve if medications are frequently self-altered or interrupted. Excessive clinical consultations may result in such a case.

For further details regarding LPRD, consult an ENT otolaryngologist online -->


Frequently Asked Questions


Why Should I Stop Clearing My Throat?

One should stop clearing their throat as it is an extremely harmful habit. Constant clearing of the throat can cause damage to the vocal cords. This habit can be discontinued by addressing the underlying cause of the habit.


Is Chronic Throat Clearing Harmful?

Chronic throat clearing is an extremely harmful habit that can have several damages. Constant throat clearing can cause damage to the vocal cords. They can cause redness and irritation of the throat. If this irritation continues, small growths can occur in the throat, which may require surgical removal.


What Causes So Much Mucus in the Throat?

The mucus in the throat may be known as post-nasal drip. This could be formed due to various reasons, such as infections or allergies. Mucus may be formed in the sinuses that may drip down the nose to accumulate in the throat.


How Do You Break the Habit of Clearing Your Throat?

The habit of throat clearing can be broken by first treating the underlying condition that may be causing it. Moreover, It is important to clear the allergies to prevent post-nasal drip. Other steps can be followed, such as sipping water whenever one feels like clearing the throat.


What Causes Constant Mucus Presence in the Throat?

The constant presence of mucus in the throat is known as post-nasal drip. This could be caused due to any infection or allergies. Too much mucus in the throat can cause changes in the voice and throat scratching.


Can Anxiety Cause Mucus?

Yes, anxiety can lead to the formation of mucus. Anxiety can lead to increased production of mucus. Anxiety may cause increased acid production, which may be compensated by increased mucus production. This may be the mechanism behind increased mucus production.


What Medications Can Be Used to Clear Throat Mucus?

Various medications can be used to clear mucus in the throat. Expectorants are a group of medications that can be used to loosen up the mucus in the throat. Medications called Mucolytics can cause thinning of the mucus and facilitate its removal.


What May Cause Roughness of Voice?

The roughness of voice may be known as dysphonia. This may be caused due to abnormality of the vocal cord. It may also be caused by infections or allergies. At times roughness of voice could be due to acid reflux due to conditions such as GERD (Gastric esophageal reflux disorder)


Why Does GERD Cause Mucus Production?

GERD (gastric esophageal reflux disorder) is a condition where excess acid is secreted by the stomach. To prevent the damage caused by acid production, the body compensates for the production of mucus. Excess mucus production, in this case, is to lubricate the throat.


Can Hiatal Hernia Cause Excess Mucus Production?

One of the symptoms of a hiatal hernia can be the excess production of mucus in the throat. It may produce an urge to constantly clear the throat. It may also be associated with hoarseness of voice.

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20 Sep 2022  -  1 min read




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