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Tips To Prevent Migraine

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This article discusses some tips that can be followed to prevent migraine.

Tips To Prevent Migraine

Migraine is a controllable disease and not a curable one, but definitely preventable. The intensity of this headache is very varying even in the same patient. Medicines are available for aborting the acute attack and also for the reduction of frequency and intensity of attack.

But as far as some preventive measures are not taken repeated attacks are usual and requirement of more medicines or longer duration of medications will be required.

Preventive Steps:

  • Never starve, especially your morning breakfast. Empty stomach is a strong trigger for migraine attack. Always keep a small snack with you if you expect your next meal to get delayed or skipped.
  • Try to find out some migraine triggering foods like chocolates, sour items, lemon, tamarind, vinegar, wine, sweets, etc. This varies from person to person. There are patients getting an attack on having cold water, chilled beer, ice creams, etc. And if you can find this association, avoid those food items.
  • Try to find out some migraine triggering smell. Some examples are smell of perfume, deodorant, sandal wood or sandal oil smell, smell of incense sticks, flowers like rose, jasmine, etc. If you can associate any of these smells with your attack, then avoid them.
  • Late night watching: Avoid watching late night television shows or movies in theatres.
  • Beat the stress: Manage the stress at home and at your work. Try yoga or meditation.
  • Menses is also one of the triggers for migraine.

Though not advisable, but if it is very important for you not to have an attack, you can try postponing with medications after consulting your doctor.

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