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Emergency Contraception: Alleviate Anxiety About Unwanted Pregnancy

by Dr. Parth R Goswami R Goswami at 08.Jun.2018 on Sexual Health


Whenever a female has unprotected intercourse without using any kind of contraception, a chance of pregnancy is present. The female sometimes does not want to bear the risk of having a child at that point in her life. So, emergency contraception options are beneficial in such a case, to prevent an unwanted pregnancy. In this article, we will discuss in detail about the methods of emergency contraception available and their mechanisms.

Emergency contraception is a method to prevent pregnancy after unprotected sexual intercourse has taken place.


Hereby, you can see different methods with the dose of drugs.

  1. Hormonal pill.
  2. IUCD (intrauterine contraceptive device).

1. Hormonal pills:

Two doses of oral combined contraceptive pills can be taken. It is called Yuzpe regimen.

A single dose of Levonorgestrel 1.5 mg can be taken.

0.75 mg Levonorgestrel can be taken stat and repeat dose after 12 hours.

So, in hormonal pill method, from above three regimens, one can be chosen. The hormonal pills are to be taken within 72 hours of unprotected intercourse for it to be effective. Once implantation occurs, it will not be effective in terminating the pregnancy.

2. IUCD (intrauterine contraceptive device):

A copper-bearing IUCD is used most commonly. It can be inserted within five days of unprotected intercourse.

Mechanism of Action

1. It will inhibit or delay ovulation.

2. It affects cervical mucus and so the ability of the sperms to bind to the egg.

Side Effects

1. It can affect next period.

2. Sometimes, there can be heavy bleeding in the subsequent cycle.


Although emergency contraception methods are handy in preventing a possible pregnancy, they do not protect you from sexually transmitted diseases (STD). So, it is better to prevent pregnancy as well as STDs by using the barrier method (condoms) if needed.

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