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Sunprotection and Sunscreens : All you need to know about this!

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Published on Mar 15, 2017 and last reviewed on Oct 07, 2022   -  9 min read


Sun protection is the single most important measure of preventing or delaying problems like ageing of skin, wrinkles, pigmentation disorders like melasma, age spots etc.This article will educate everybody about concepts of ideal sun protection and use of sunscreens.

Sunprotection and Sunscreens : All you need to know about this!

What is Sun Protection and Why is it Needed

Sun protection is simply guarding a body from the adverse effects of sunlight. Sun light consists of visible light and Ultra Violet (UV) radiation which are of three types – A,B,C of which UVA and UVB have detrimental effects on the skin on chronic exposure:

Tips to Prevent Sun Exposure

Proper Use of Sunscreens and Importance of SPF : Why, When and How

Sunscreens should be regularly used for the following reasons:

Once again, remember, for a sensitive skin even 2 minute sun-exposure e.g. going to veranda or morning walk may result in undesirable effects. If sun protection is not followed, it may result in counter-productive effects of the peel or other procedures, specially, worsening of hyperpigmentation.

Ideal way of using sunscreens:

Thus, follow more rigorous sun protection. Avoid getting a procedure (like chemical peel, MDA, IPL, Lasers) done if you anticipate going for vacation within a week of the procedure.

How to remove the sunscreen?

At the end of the day, warm water, soap and a bit of elbow grease are the best ways to get sunscreen off your skin.

Common Myths About Sun Exposure and Sunscreens

Adverse Effects with Sunscreens


Frequently Asked Questions


When Should You Stay Out of the Sun?

There are certain timings where you are advised to stay away from the sun. This might include 10 am in the morning till three or four ‘o’clock in the evening. When you decide to stay outdoors, you can wear additional protective dresses and goggles.


Is It Bad to Wear Sunscreen Every Day?

It is not bad to use sunscreen every day during the summertime. During the winters, you might usually not need the use of sunscreens. Using sunscreen is usually a good habit as it helps in depleting the harmful rays of the sun.


What Are the Disadvantages of Sunscreen?

The disadvantages of sunscreen are:
- Vitamin D deficiency can occur due to prolonged usage of sunscreen.
- The skin might become extremely sensitive.
- The chemical components present in the skin might penetrate the inner layers of the skin and can cause adverse effects.


Can Sunscreen Prevent Skin Cancer?

There is no proper evidence to prove that sunscreen can provide protection against skin cancer. However, there is evidence to show that usage of sunscreen for a long time can increase the development of malignant cells.


How Do I Choose Appropriate Sunscreen for My Face?

It i.s true that the facial type of each person is different. But, sunscreen does not have any special specifications for oily skin or dry skin. When you are choosing to buy sunscreen, make sure it is free from harmful substances. The cream is always better than powder or spray. It is an added advantage if the sunscreen has zinc oxide and titanium oxide.


Does Sunscreen Make Skin Darker?

Yes, there are chances for the sunscreen to increase the pigmentation of your skin. If the sunscreen you are using contains oxybenzone, then there are possibilities for darkening of the skin. If the chemical substances in the lotion cause an increase in the stress for the skin, it can also result in darkness in the skin.


What Are the Side Effects of Sunscreen Lotion?

The side effects of sunscreen lotion are:
- Burning, stinging, and itching sensation of the skin.
- Acne.
- Pain in hairy areas.
- The appearance of redness or swelling of the skin.
- Blister in the sun-exposed areas.
- Pus in the hair follicles.


Do You Put Sunscreen on Before or After Applying Facial Oil?

Sunscreen lotion is necessary to be applied after the application of facial oil. The main purpose of the sunscreen lotion is to protect the skin against damages from ultraviolet light. This sunscreen can be effective only if the underlying layers of the skin are effective.


Can I Apply Sunscreen For Curing My Pimples?

Sunscreen does not directly aid in curing pimples. It indirectly reduces the darkening of the skin that is caused by the formation of acne. Sunscreen can also help in solving the inflammatory condition seen around the pimples. It is necessary to consult your dermatologist before going for it.


Can I Skip Moisturizer and Use Sunscreen?

No, it is not advised to use sunscreen without the application of moisturizer. Moisturizer is necessary to keep the skin hydrated, and sunscreen does the job of protecting from harmful radiation. Using sunscreen after the moisturizer is very beneficial as both of them perform different functions.


What Is the Best Sunscreen Lotion Recommended by Doctors?

The doctors, especially dermatologists, recommend the usage of sunscreen lotions that contain SPF 15. Lotions that contain SPF 30 is also beneficial. There is no perfect lotion that has the ability to completely block the sun’s harmful radiation.


What Are the Sun Protection Measures?

The sun protection measures include:
- Staying away from excessive sunlight to prevent excessive exposure and sunburns.
- You can wear sunglasses to stay cool.
- Use sun ban creams that contain SPF 15 formula in it. This will prevent the individual from damage.

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07 Oct 2022  -  9 min read




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