Q. What medicines can cure burning sensation in penis?

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Hello doctor,

I suffer from nocturia. I have had two TURPs done about eight years ago with not much success. Anticholinergic drugs do not work Of recent I was going to urinate about nine times at night with an urge to urinate but little urine coming out. I have been to a urologist and the following were the results:

  • Urine test negative.
  • Ultrasound with no blockages, prostate normal size, bladder emptying with 20 mL remaining.
  • Flexible cystoscopy revealed not much blockage in the prostate.
  • MRI normal after the cystoscopy, I felt burning sensation on the tip of my penis for a couple of days. When that subsided, I decided to have sex after consuming 50 mg of Viagra and while I was erect, I started to bleed. I managed to stop the bleeding.
  • I did not bleed after that incident but I felt burning sensations in my penis and bladder and it has never been the same as before. I took a course of Nitrofurantoin and later the urine test was negative for any UTI. The burning sensation has not stopped and I am taking Imovane for the last month with Diclofenac for the past few weeks just to fall asleep.

My GP thought the problem was psychogenic and prescribed Fluoxetine 20 mg because I was having anxiety. I am on fluoxetine for the past week and it has helped my anxiety. My problem is a constant burning sensation in my penis/groin area that increases in intensity after meals. Please advise. Currently, I have been on Nifedipine 20 mg, Ramipril 10 mg, Esomeprazole 40 mg twice daily and Fluoxetine 20 mg. In the past, I have been on Flomax, Cardura, Oxybutynin, Tolterodine tartrate, Mirabegron 50 mg.



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How is your nocturia now?

Have you had bladder diary maintained for nocturia?

What is your bladder capacity on ultrasound?

Burning sensation appears because of minor trauma during cystoscopy. It will take some weeks to heal.

I suggest you take syrup Cital (alkaliser) 10 mL in a glass of water three times a day.

This will make urine alkaline and relieve buring sensation.

Tablet Flavospas (Flavoxate) one tablet three times a day in the morning, afternoon, and evening. Consult your specialist doctor, discuss with him or her and with their consent take the medicines.

Drink adequate water.

For more information consult a urologist online -->

Thank you doctor,

My nocturia is better than when I first started having extreme nocturia mostly because I am taking Imovane 7.5 mg to make me sleep. Having a burning sensation in your groin will keep you up the whole night. Thus my frequency drops to about two to four times under sedation. None of the medicines suggested are available here.

  • Can syrup Cital be substituted with Citro Soda. I tried this and it helped a little.
  • Can Flavoxate 200 mg be substituted with Mirabegron 50 mg?

Please find attached some of the test results. I could not get the MRI results as the urologist is away.



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Yes, Cital can be substituted with Citro Soda. It is a urinary alkalizer.

You urine pH (hydrogen ion concentration) is acidic which precipitant pain and burning. So take Citro Soda to alkalize the urine.

Flavospas (Flavoxate) is not as same as Mirabegron.

You can try if it is available online. Consult your specialist doctor, discuss with him or her and with their consent take the medicines.

Nocturia appears to be related to an overactive bladder.

So, at the present continue Citro Soda and if you can get Flavospas that will be good.

For more information consult a urologist online -->

Hi doctor,

Urinary alkalizers are irritating my bladder and worsening my frequency. I have however discovered that eating meat products causes more burning sensation in my bladder, so I have stopped eating meat with some relief. My anxiety has gone up since it is quite depressing on having this burning sensation. I am taking Lorazepam 2 mg for sleeping now. I had also started Fluoxetine 20 mg two weeks ago and stopped that three days ago since I was having a bad experience. My GP wants me to try Citalopram 10 mg. I managed to get Flavoxate hydrochloride 200 mg and today is my second day on it. Would the urine test have shown if there was a viral infection which is rare or a fungal infection? Thanks.



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I think you are suffering from interstitial cystitis. There is no definitive test to diagnose this as it is diagnosis of exclusion.

There is no problem if you stopped alkalizer. Yes, some food may precipitate your symptoms (interstitial cystitis). Depression and anxiety will only precipitate your symptoms so you should not worry or get anxious. If you feel relief, then continue with Flavoxate and other medicines. There is no single medicine or treatment for interstitial cystitis.

If you did not get relief, then add tablet Pentosan polysulfate one tablet thrice a day.

There is no possibility for viral urine infection. Fungal UTI will be detected by urine routine from the presence of fungal hyphae. To confirm you can get urine culture for fungi infection.

Hi doctor,

Thank you so much for your advice and is much appreciated. I have researched interstitial cystitis and I feel that this may not be my case and I do not mean to undermine your valued opinion.

Firstly, I did not have this burning sensation in my bladder before the cystoscopy. It all happened about three days after the cystoscopy when I decided to have sex and used 50 mg Viagra and I started to bleed from my penis. Since then it has not been the same in my bladder. Is it possible that the cystoscopy created some bruises in the bladder and that my erection caused blood to come out of the bruise. I have not been the same ever since the erection (no sex, just erection and blood came out). The healing process is taking alot of time and this is what making me anxious. Thanks.



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Yes, I also hope it is not interstitial cystitis. As your symptoms are not improving with many drugs I thought that it could be interstitial cystitis. Also it is diagnosis of exclusion which means it cannot be 100 percent confirmed with any tests. So, I suggest that if your symptoms are tolerable then it is better to wait and watch. Let the bladder heal on its own.

Also, it is possible that there may be bruising as you told during cystoscopy which is not healed. So let us give some time and see what happens. You have been tried with many and almost all drugs so I do not want to try anything else or new. If you feel then you can add Pentosan polysulfate. Thanks.

Hi doctor,

I am happy to let you know that the burning in my bladder has subsided to some extent . I had a massage and the next day I felt alot better. I am eating some meat and I get a slight burn. Spices are however still a problem. I am starting to take Flavoxate as my nocturia has not been arrested. I am planning to travel in about two to three weeks time to get a full body checkup as well as to see a urologist there. Now, I have an appointment with my urologist just for review. I do not trust him at this time to stick anything inside me now. Also, I have an appointment with a psychologist and hopefully he will remove any issues I may have in my mind. Although my anxiety has reduced drastically (due to some well being), I am thinking of continuing to take antidepressants. Fluoxetine and Citalopram did not work for me. I have now been given Mirtazipam. Thanks.



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It is nice to hear from you that you are improving. Avoid food and drinks which increases your burning and urinary symptoms. Regarding antidepressants, it is better to be managed by psychiatrist. From your improvements, I think you will recover completely.

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