Negative Blood Group and Pregnancy Rh Incompatibility
Pregnancy and Trying to conceive

Negative Blood Group and Pregnancy Rh Incompatibility

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This article gives a brief knowledge about Rh negative blood group and pregnancy complications, and preventions in simple terms.

What Is Rh Factor?

There are mainly four blood groups, namely A, B, O, and AB. There is a subtype of each as positive and negative blood groups, namely A +ve, A -ve, B +ve, B -ve, etc. The subtype gets decided by the Rh factor (rhesus), an antigen present on the red blood cells. When it is present, it is a positive blood group, whereas if it is absent, it is defined as a negative blood group.

In the general public, the absence of this antigen does not cause any issues. But, if an Rh-negative mother is carrying an Rh-positive baby, there is a need to take special care and treatment along with some precautions and preventive measures.

There is mixing of the mother's and baby's blood at some point in the pregnancy. So, when a mother is Rh negative, and the baby is Rh positive, then there is a chance of some complication if not in the same pregnancy, in the subsequent pregnancies.

Rh Incompatibility

When two different types of blood get mixed, out of which one is Rh positive, and the other one is Rh negative, then it is called as Rh incompatibility.

This is an important factor to consider during blood transfusion. In the context of pregnancy, when the mother’s blood group is Rh negative, and the fetus (baby growing in the womb) is Rh positive, then there is a chance of mixing of their blood during pregnancy or at the time of delivery which can lead to some serious complications. This is known as Rh incompatibility.

Pregnancy Complications Due to Rh Incompatibility

Most of the below complications happen during the second pregnancy, and the first pregnancy is spared from this.

  1. Abortion.
  2. Intrauterine death of the fetus.
  3. Anemia in the mother.
  4. Severe jaundice in baby on birth.
  5. Damaged liver and brain due to intrauterine anemia.
  6. Ascites.
  7. Generalized edema of the fetus.
  8. Low birth weight of the baby.

Precautions to Minimize Complications

  • Take enough rest. Do not push yourself hard.
  • Avoid lifting heavy objects.
  • Avoid sexual intercourse during pregnancy.
  • Consult your doctor regularly.
  • Take your medicines as per your doctor's instructions.


Once sensitization (mixing) occurs in the mother or when one pregnancy is affected, then the prognosis will get worse as the number of pregnancy increases.

Prevention of Complications

  • If you have a negative blood group and are planning to have a baby, then visit your doctor to know more about the precautions to undertake beforehand.
  • If pregnancy is positive, then start the treatment as early as possible.
  • If you notice any bleeding while pregnant, immediately consult your doctor.
  • If the husband's blood group is positive, then there is a high chance of the baby being Rh positive.

To know more about this unique pregnancy and negative blood group consult an Obstetrician & Gynaecologist online -->

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