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Stepwise Approach to Overcome Poor Sexual Life

Written by Dr. Devendra and medically reviewed by iCliniq medical review team.

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The brain is a larger sex organ than penis or breast. Any sexual act should culminate in satisfaction of both the partners to be successful. The way of having intercourse is more important than the physical appearance of your organs to your partner. Many marriages are under stress due to the need of sexual counseling. Social inhibition to seek medical advice on issues like premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction may lead to poor sexual quality of life.

For men, having early or premature ejaculation, a wide range of treatment is available. First, one should give importance to partner satisfaction. Foreplay is very important in sex. Considering sex as horse riding game is the biggest mistake. Directly inserting penis and knocking off in a minute is bound to leave female partner dissatisfied. So, start lovemaking with minimum 20 minutes of foreplay, fondling, caressing and stimulate your female partner till she gets the orgasm. Then, you can have intercourse, and even if you have premature ejaculation now, it will not bother much.

The next part is treating premature ejaculation and increasing intravaginal latency time. There are physical and medical ways to control premature ejaculation.

  • Use of condom with local anesthetic gel on the inside of condom decreases sensitivity.
  • Holding on movements for a moment when feeling the urge of ejaculation and start again once this feeling settles down.
  • Squeezing of the penis at the base by the female partner may hold orgasm.

If all these measures are not up to your satisfaction, then medication can be given like Dapoxetine before sexual activity to delay orgasm. The stepwise approach in this manner helps most of the patients. So, stop worrying about the size or appearance of your organs.

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