Answered by Dr. Kumar. M

Answered by Dr. Kumar. M

Kindly give your opinion about the swelling in my neck.

Hi doctor,

I have an impacted wisdom tooth on my left jaw. I had an infection three months back and now, it returned. My oral surgeon is holding off my surgery until confirmation from a rheumatologist. My infection has returned with tenderness, pain and spasms reaching my ear. They started me on antibiotics 500 three times daily for seven days. It is the fourth day and my neck has gotten swollen on the left. It has been difficult to swallow and I feel a lot of pain and tenderness. It is hard to open my mouth. I have no fever. I began to feel pain on my right side. My oral surgeon sent me to the ER instead of seeing me and there they took a quick look and told me that I do not have an infection in my throat just in my jaw. I am just wondering how they know without any tests. I felt like they were trying to discharge me desperately. My primary physician is aware and wants my wisdom tooth removed. Since I was placed on antibiotics three times in the past five months, he does not feel comfortable with me taking them again because of my occasional diarrhea and to prevent resistance. Kindly give your advice.

31 Jan 2024 - 1 min read

Does the MRI of my head show any TMJ problem?

Hello doctor,

It has been a long tiring search to find out what is wrong with me and I want to get a second opinion on the MRI of my head. The main symptoms I am having for three months are a constant sore throat, right ear feels clogged, ringing in ears at times, eyes are red all the time and sting a lot, a bad TMJ, constantly clear my throat, slight numbness on left side of the face and left back shoulder area. I wanted to ask, do my sinuses show any abnormality or thickening? Do I have any visible mass or lymph node problems? Is there any problem with my TMJ? It all started with a pain in my right upper quadrant, and then CT scan showed hemangiomas and cysts on my liver and bilateral parapelvic cysts. So, thinking the worst, I had MRI of the head and abdomen done with contrast. After many opinions and radiologist readings, they have all said my liver lesions appear benign. I have also had a clear colonoscopy and upper endoscopy. MRI of the head showed thickening of mucosa in sinuses, but it does not say how bad. I have tried everything from nasal sprays to eye drops, to allergy pills and still the same. I read that TMJD can cause eye, ear, face, and throat symptoms so wanted to get this MRI reread. I have had constant clearing of the throat and post-nasal drip for many years with no relief. All my blood reports are also normal.

08 Jan 2024 - 1 min read

Can I get Clotrimazole ear drops without alcohol?

Hello doctor,

Can I get Clotrimazole ear drops without alcohol? My doctor prescribed me Canesten ear drops since he suspects a fungal infection, but the drops hurt like hell since they contain alcohol. Do you think there is another brand that can be used with perforated ear drum?

29 Nov 2023 - 1 min read

What could be the cause of mild pain and minimal swelling on one side of my face following exposure to mumps?

Hello doctor,

I have been exposed to someone with mumps, and two weeks later, I experienced a slight pain under my ear extending down to my chin. I also have some minimal swelling, but the pain disappeared the following day, and the swelling has not increased. The swelling is only noticeable when I touch the area. This started three days ago, and I am still feeling concerned. Could this be mumps? Am I contagious? How can I confirm the diagnosis? Kindly help.

16 Sep 2023 - 1 min read

Is it normal to hear a little sound in a closed room?

Hello doctor,

I have noticed that when I am alone in a closed room or studying, I hear some sound. My father used to say this is because of wax in the ear, but when my ears are clean, I still hear the sound. I am sure that my hearing is fine. Could this be the sound of blood circulation? Is it normal to hear a little sound in a closed room?

06 Jul 2023 - 1 min read

Dr. Kumar. M
Otolaryngology (E.N.T)
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