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How can I increase the length of my penis?

How can I increase the length of my penis?

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Published At June 29, 2017
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Patient's Query

Hello doctor,

The length of my penis is 5 and 1/2 inches and I am 38 years old. How can I increase my penis length? Is there any medicine, cream, lotion, oil or gel?


Welcome to icliniq.com.

  • You have given very little information here. For me, as a clinician much information is needed about your sociocultural background too.
  • You have not mentioned your marital status, duration of married life, number of children, education, profession and ethnic background.
  • You have mentioned that you want your penis size to be bigger, but the length (5 and a half inches) which you have given is normal even in erected position. (You have not mentioned if it is in the erect position).
  • Size of penis generally depends on many factors which I wanted to know like ethnic background etc.
  • For proper sex and for female satisfaction, the present size of your penis is more than enough.
  • Only a part of vagina (3-4 cm from the vaginal opening) is sexually sensitive, so there is no need to worry about the size of your penis.

I would like to give you some information regarding our normal reproductive system:

Male sexual organs:

  • The penis and the testicles (2 in number besides the penis) are the main sexual organs, which produce semen that contains sperm.
  • Penis has a long shaft and an enlarged bulb shaped tip called the glans penis.
  • When the male becomes sexually aroused, the penis becomes erect and ready for sexual activity.
  • Erection occurs because sinuses/spaces within the erectile tissue of the penis become filled with blood.
  • The penis is the common output tract for urine and sperm.
  • It is a structure that is under the control of a complex series of reflexes, neuronal and humoral control.
  • The normal size/length of penis differs according to race and ethnicity.
  • On an average, it ranges from 3.2 inches to 5.5 - 6 inches in erected form.
  • So, in your case, it is quite normal.
  • The primary functions of the testes are to produce sperm and to produce hormones, primarily testosterone.
  • In humans, it is common for one testicle to hang lower than the other, while the size of the testicle varies according to age, race and ethnicity.

Female sex organs:

  • The main sexual organ in female is clitoris, which is analogous to penis of male.
  • The clitoris is the human female's most sensitive erogenous zone and generally the primary anatomical source of human female sexual pleasure/orgasm.
  • So, only by clitorial stimulation female can get orgasm/sexually satisfied.
  • Sometimes, even no vaginal penetration is needed for this.
  • Whenever vaginal penetration is there, there is always some kind of clitoris stimulation and hence the reason for female sexual satisfaction.
  • Therefore size or length of the penis never matters.

So, the main crux of the above discussion is, "To sexually satisfy a woman, size/length of the penis does not matter". There are no exercises, pills or ointments that are safe to increase the penis size as they may create problems in your future sexual life. What matters is proper erection and proper ejaculation (at proper timings).

Consult a sexologist online for further queries --> https://icliniq.com./ask-a-doctor-online/sexologist

Patient's Query

Hello doctor,

I am married since 8 yrs. ; have 2 kids - 7 yrs. and 9 mths. 5&1/2 in. erected size. I desire longer penis for positions which I otherwise find difficult plus my ejaculation time is 10-15 min. at moderate speed which I desire to be 40-45 min. since I feel my spouse doesn't find shorter duration any interesting. 1. Can jelqing or orgy oil massage help me in penis enlargement. 2. Should I tie around penis ring during intercourse. 3. How to increase intercourse timing - any drugs, gel, etc. 3. Any gel, lotion, etc. for clitoris stimulation. Regards

Dear Sir, Welcome again at icliniq.com. Thanks for providing me detail about your query as you have completed your family and quite educated so i think you have read my previous answer which i have written in very much detail about normal morphology ofI would like to again give you the information regarding PENIS SIZE THE NORMAL SIZE/LENGTH OF PENIS DIFFERS ACCORDING TO RACE AND ETHNICITY SO IN AVERAGE FOR SETTING ITS RANGES FROM 3.2 INCHES (8 CM) TO 5.5 -6 INCHES (15.2 CM) IN ERECTED FORM--SO I THINK IN YOUR CASE ITS IN QUITE NORMAL RANGE AND EVEN IN LARGE SIZE RANGE so I can't understand that why you wanted more bigger size as you already have big size. I WOULD LIKE TO TELL YOU THE FACT THAT PENIS SIZE IS NATURAL AND CAN'T BE INCREASE BY ANY MEAN, AS IN YOUR CASE YOU ALREADY HAVE NORMAL SIZE AND ANYTHING SMALL OR BIG THAN NORMAL RANGE WILL BE CALLED AS ABNORMAL, I THINK YOU WILL GET MY POINT NOW. SO FIRST I WOULD LIKE TO SOLVE YOUR QUERY POINT BY PINT AS YOU HAVE ASKED AND LATER ON I WILL TELL YOU ABOUT YOUR MAIN PROBLEM 1)- There are no medicines, gel, oil and cream that can increase the size of penis, all advertised material can be FATAL and FAKE to make money, "SO ALWAYS BEWARE OF SUCH PRODUCTS"Even these type of product can harm you and cause severe reaction to your genitals, they some added carcinogenic agents which can causes cancer and severe allergic reaction. 2)- There is nothing such thing like ring for penis, tying ring around penis can occlude blood vessels of penis, as you no penis is vascular and muscular organ. the erection of penis totally depend on blood flow in the penis if you will try to tie ring then it will occlude the blood vessels and and can cause necrosis/gangrene to your penis and CAN CAUSES ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION as well 3)- This is main problem I think you are suffering which can be called as PRE- MATURE EJACULATION as early ejaculation during sex and your wife couldn't satisfied.However you mentioned it lasts for 10-15 minutes which is quite sufficient if this time is after vaginal penetration (NOT INCLUDED FOREPLAY, only vaginal intercourse),However you have not mentioned here that this time is total sex time or only included after vaginal penetration??If this time 10-15 minutes included only vaginal penetration (Vaginal intercourse) time then its quite sufficient time, if your wife is not getting orgasm or satisfaction then your wife should be consulted and if 10-15 is for whole sex time (INCLUDING FOREPLAY) then this can be called as PRE MATURE EJACULATION (EARLY EJACULATION). So now i would like to tell you the treatment for this problem if you have kkas most of time early ejaculation depends on our mental state if we are anxious type then these type of problems happens so it is most time happen secondary to anxiety features so first you have to control your anxiety symptoms by relaxations techniques, breathing exercises.second you can start some exercise for premature ejaculation (ejaculation on little stimulation) like "START-STOP TECHNIQUE" in which whenever you go for toilet just after starting, you stop your micturition for 3-4 seconds and then again release and repeat this for 4-5 times whenever you go for toilet you will definitely feel improvement.second thing sex is a process between two people so always both partners should be involved in therapy kk so ask you wife to divert your mind whenever you reach the climax it will also increase the timings this is known as DISTRACTION TECHNIQUE. KEEP IN MIND THAT MOST OF TIME FIRST EJACULATION IS ALWAYS EARLY, SECOND WILL INCREASE ITSELF (during sex second time in same period)Others i would like you to suggest you if above things will not get work for you then you can go very short acting medication like DAPOXETINE 30 mg, 1-1.5 hr before intercourse this will increase some duration.You can use long last condoms which are available in market very easily as you also have completed your family but they should not be used very often as they can cause harm in long run.Beware of any kinds of cream, gel, lotion for to increase the time For to orgasm of your wife you should involve much time in foreplay like kissing, cuddling and stimulation of breasts and clitoral stimulation by your finger also this will help to achieve ORGASM of your wife. I think i have given much insight in your problems. your further queries are welcomedThanks with regards

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Dr. Pankaj Kumar Mittal
Dr. Pankaj Kumar Mittal


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