Medical Advice on "Sexology"

Dr. Poosha  Darbha
Hi, Welcome to First, I would like to know the frequency of intercourse and the days on which you are trying for pregnancy. I mean, do you have sex every day during those days? Once every other day ... View thread »

Dr. Md. Kamrul Hasan Sajib
Hi, Welcome to How are you? Hope you are fine. I have read your problem carefully. There is some lack of information. Your age, profession, height, previous sexual history, etc. You should remember that a loose vagina is a myth. It is ... View thread »

Dr. Parth R Goswami
Hello, Welcome to You might have erectile dysfunction problem as erection is poor as per history. Usually, during sleep time in the morning due to sympathetic stimulation, penis erection should occur for at least 30 minutes to 1 hour ... View thread »

Dr. Parth R Goswami
Hello, Welcome to You have taken Ipill after sexual relation. So the chance of getting pregnant is very less. The brown discharge could be due to the frequent use of Ipill. The excess Ipill intake is not advisable for health. You can use ... View thread »

Dr. Parth  Singh
Hi, Welcome to Painful penetration in women may be caused by any injury or lacerations in vaginal walls, infection of the genital tract, forceful or violent sex, lack of lubrication in the vagina. I think you should do a lot of ... View thread »

Dr. Ramchandra  Lamba
Hi, Welcome to The cause of poor erection is due to poor blood to penile vasculature. The main cause is that a young person like you is psychological in nature like anxiety or tension due to poor communication between the partner or ... View thread »

Dr. Nidhi Jain Bukharia
Hi, Welcome to You are suffering from azoospermia. Pre and post-testicular azoospermia are frequently correctible, while testicular azoospermia is usually permanent. Go for serum prolactin level, a testicular biopsy may be required to ... View thread »

Dr. Parth  Singh
Hi, Welcome to Masturbation is the most harmless of all sexual acts. No fear of STDs (sexually transmitted disease) or pregnancy. Having said that, I must emphasize that excess of everything is harmful. If you masturbate too often, ... View thread »

Dr. Seikhoo  Bishnoi
Hello, Welcome to Please provide me with more details. How does this lesion develop? Any recent history of unprotected high-risk sexual intercourse? Any discharge from penis? Any pain? The lesion appears to be vesicle (attachment ... View thread »

Dr. Parth  Singh
Hi, Welcome to The dissatisfaction with penis size is one of the commonest issues with men. The roots of this insecurity about self lie within our cultural prejudices and fears. Let me tell you that the length of the penis or shape of ... View thread »